I’m trying to get the spin down but I’m having trouble.
I looked on the Unicycling.org site and am trying to follow that.
It says to do a leaning turn and I assumed it meant that you tilt the whole uni at an angle to the ground. The only problem is the more you lean the tighter you turn, right? If you lean too much my pedal hits the ground and it will throw me off sometimes. Is there a way to turn really tight but not have your pedal hit the ground? Would it be better to try turning like that on a 24" uni? You should be able to lean more with a bigger wheel. Or am I going at it all wrong and it doesn’t take a lot of leaning?

One last thing, is wheel walking eaiser on a 20 or 24?

The one thing that stands out in the advice on unicycling.org is “Don’t try spins until you can make a 1 meter circle.”

Can you consistently make a smooth 1 meter circle? If you can, then while make the circle, let you weight fall ever so slightly toward the center of the circle. You will naturally pedal faster and feel like you are being sucked into a vortex. With enough practice you will get used to this and develop control.

Don’t worry about all these technical descriptions. Just practice smooth circles, smaller and smaller. Even if your circles are a few meters now, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure your pedaling is smooth, no jerkiness, bumps, or hesitation. When the circles are roughly less than a meter, you will naturally go into a spin without trying. Try not to neglect your weak direction.