Spinning Trouble

I’ve been working for about a week on spinning, and all I can do is a bunch of tiny circles in a row. I’ve been following the instructions on the unicycle page, and it just isn’t working. Today, I was getting sick of it, so I took a quick reverse so I could turn and go home, but I still had sideways momentum from the attemted spin, and ended up doing a couple backwards spins. Other than that, I’m not getting anywhere. can somone give me tips? Footage of a real spin would be great.

P.S. I’ve been frustrated because I usually pick up tricks in a day or two, and this has been going on for a week.

Doing a really, really good spin is very difficult. The main advice I can give you is to practice it a lot over many weeks. Make sure you have a good tire, and a good surface to practice on. (A gym floor is lots easier than rough cement.) Short cranks are also supposed to help.

I’m working on the backward spin right now, and having a very hard time of it. I can ride backward in little circles, but I can’t properly spin yet.

Look at the videos of Japanese riders here if you want to see some really good spins and pirouettes, forward and backward.

When you start working on harder freestyle skills, you have to get used to learning things over several weeks, or even months, rather than just a few days. Practice as much as you can, but make sure you have fun.

Find a slick floor, and coat your tire in WD-40.

it works like a charm.


dude, its all about wet linoleum.:smiley:

Try increasing your tire pressure. Less surface area may help. (it helps in flatland, and it is the same princible)

Are you trying to learn to do a spin or a pirouette? A spin is a bunch of tiny circles in a row. A pirouette is spinning in place like a top for a couple revolutions without pedaling.

It sounds like you may have the start of doing a spin. But then you go on to talk about accidentally getting in to a backwards spin that sounded like it was actually a partial pirouette. I think you’ve got your terminology messed up.

That would be it then. My trouble is pirouettes. I’ve been doing it at the boat house at city park where there is very slick concrete. If I get desperate, I might try armoral on the tire. Thank you for your input.