I was wondering how high you guys can hop? I can only hop about 1’. Also, do you have any tips on doing spins more than 180 degreees. Thanks.

I’m in the same situation as uni412 in terms of skill progression. I’ve seen some of the crazygonuts trials videos people have put out, so I know how high the really good people can go, but I’m wondering: about how many hours of practice did it take to get a consistant seat-out hop that actually got more height than a seat-in hop? I can seat-out hop, but it’s not too controlled, I need 2 hands, and I can’t get any more height than with the seat in. Does anyone have any tips for learning the transition between seat-out and seat-in hopping? Also, does anyone have advice for learning crank and pedal grabs? And what is with those 270-360 degree hop-spins, anyway?

i can hop seat out a little better, and with the seat in i can manage 14", maybe 17" on a good day. in terms of hop/spinning, i think i need some more practice(and some more protection) before i start trying crazyier things. i think the trick is to pull the seat up and compress your legs to get max tire clearance.

ive been riding 7-8 months and maybe doing seat out hops for 2 months. seat out i can generally get 25" and since i can do seat out, i dont really ever do big jumps seat in. my highest seat in ever was 17, but that was long ago… and yes, the trick is to pull the seat up, otherwise, there is no point to do seat out. this just takes practice. you should work on jumping seat out all the time, even if you are doing little jumps. over time your control will improve. with the spins, i cant get more than 270, but usually 180.

#1 Hopping Tip: Do it a million times.

lol hopping trick. Learn Freestyle :wink: its better than trials :stuck_out_tongue: