i searched the threads, but couldn’t find anything specifically about spinning rims.

does anyone think that you could adapt the following to a unicycle?
i mean, they would look cool doing some trials (if they held up), but imagine coker size rims and a low profile street tire. :slight_smile:

bike spinners suck they spin for like 2 milliseconds then stop, the link didnt work

ok, lets try this one:

any better? guess it still doesn’t change that the spinners don’t spin. what about if you could make the blades heavier and get better bearings? do you think they might spin better?

You could build spinners whihc sat either side of the wheel and rotated, ones large enough for a coker would spin for a long time if made heavy enough, you really wouldn’t get the visual effect of car spinners though because you can see straight through a bike wheel so unless you made the spinners solid you could still see the wheel spinning normally behind. Car spinners work on the fact that it’s too dark under the wheel arch for you to see the real spokes turning.

spinners w/ a weighted side so they dont spin at all, w/ a desing on them are cool!

Or of course you could go for these
A similar system is avilable for bike wheels, although presumably you can’t change the picture as you ride.

think of how fast you’d have to ride to make those work though…it is kinda neato

8 miles an hour is sufficient for the bike system, which is reasonable.

OMG!!! THAT IS THE TIGHTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN! $14k a set rims. those would look sweet on my bone stock '98 nissan sentra

where are the ones for bikes?