"Spin to win, Crush it!" Annual Fargo Hill Climb Challange, 3/6/11

Since my last climb up Fargo street on 2/23/11, I was filled with both anticipation AND apprehension about today’s (3/6/11) “Annual Fargo hill street climb challenge”! When I did my climb back on 2/23/11, I had nearly collapsed upon finishing, and by lungs continued to burn like fire for the next 24 hours! So I had serious doubts as to if I could ever do it again!

Plus, I just got bad news last week from my doc, that I have Hypothyroidism, of which a hallmark symptom is fatigue! But I just said to myself that I MUST do this! I’ve trained too hard and prepared myself, and I will do make this climb if it kills me! And it almost did the last time, haha! But with the hundreds of bikers, spectators, media, plus my LBS sponsor and my brother were there, I had everything riding on this!

I got to Fargo early, and signed up and got my lucky number “7”, and then it was showtime. So after some stretching and a good deep breath, I mounted and went for it. After about 100 feet I realized that unlike last time, THIS time there were other participants…on BIKES…that I had to contend with during the climb!

They space the riders out but invariable people tend to bunch up now and then, and it happened to me more than once! I found myself having to still stand and sometimes hop in place, to avoid a collision! That slowed me down to, and each hop dropped me back down the massice 33% grade hill each time I did it!

But, at the ¾ point up, I started gaining confidence that I might pull it off! To my great surprise, my legs felt strong with no noticeable lactic acid, and my breathing was much better than last time. With 50 feet to go, I knew I had it in the bacg, and as I crested the top, I felt relief, and this time, instead of collapsing after my last climb when Steveyo was there, I THRUST my uni over my head in victory! I got my patch and now it’s official!

After a few minutes, I rode back down, got lots of high fives, and chatted with several people. After giving a couple interviews with media that was there, a reporter from OC Register—who was late getting there and missed my climb—just asked me to “recreate it” by riding up for only about 20 feet, so he could snap some shots for the paper.

I said sure, and casually started my short, 20 foot climb. But after he said thanks and got the shot, I decided to keep going! So many more people had arrived since my first climb, so I thought, why not. I’ve already got my patch, so if I can’t make it a second time, no biggie, I’ve got my patch anyway!

So I kept going…and going…and…I made it to the top for a second time in a row! Wow! Oddly, I still felt strong, but after hanging out for a little longer, I drove another 35 miles to do a nice 10 mile MUni ride on my 29er! What an epic day! Video coming. :slight_smile:


20 feet.jpg



Nice work, Terry.
Is there going to be any footage online?

Yeah. The pics above are from the video, which I haven’t uploaded yet. Should be up my tomorrow. But I just got home so i need to eat and decompress a bit, haha! :smiley:

Btw, the organizers told me that since the early 1990’s when they started this event, no one has ever made it to the top on a uni, and he doesn’t remember ever even seeing anyone try riding one up, one organizer thinks that probably a few others have tat least tried it, in the last 20 years or so.

So I guess I now hold the record, not only for the oldest, but apparently only person to have ever successfully climbed Fargo. I must say I am pretty proud of that. If you live in the OC area, look for the story a week from Monday. It should also be online. :slight_smile:

Wow, Terry! Two climbs up Fargo, great job!

Thanks Steve! Somehow I think that last climb when you were here at least gave me some hope that I might be able to do it again. And honestly, I thought I still had at least one more climb in me, maybe even more, but I wanted to quit while I was ahead, haha, plus I wanted to do the MUni after. :slight_smile:

Awesome job! dude, you’re my hero!

Haha, thanks. Come out there and ride it with me next year! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see the video! Sorry I couldn’t make it, would have loved to watch. Congrats on your patch sir.

Thanks Dane. Yeah I was hoping you would show up, so you could see Fargo street up close and personal, and also to try the climb yourself! Actually, with all the uni-ers in LA/OC, I was kind of expecting at least one other one-wheeler to show up. But yeah, the video is almost done and I’ll be posting it soon. I’m still pretty wide-eyed from the 2x caffeine Gu gels I ate today, haha! :o

Btw, it’s always nice to get comments of support from the uni community when you accomplish something especially challenging, and be the first to do it, but it’s also nice when they come from the 2-wheelers as well! :slight_smile:

Terry Exposed

Man, Terry that is amazing. These years I’ve thought about your ridding when ever I think age is holding me back from doing better on the wheel. You continue to show that age is no excuse.

But Fargo, twice in one day! Ah ha! This feat proves it. Just as I’ve always suspected, you are not of this world. You must be from Krypton. What other plausible explanation is there?

Haha, thanks Ken. I really believe we can do almost anything we put our mind to, and train for. I would really love to see other uni people come out and try it! Maybe next year we can get a whole group to represent. We got ONE gear…GO! (You’ll hear that phrase, and others, in the video. who says it? Hint: “Winning!”) :smiley:


Fargo Hill

You are the man! Great ride. You must not be too debilitated by the Hypothyroidism. It is easily treated with inexpensive medication that don’t usually have side effects. You just need to get a blood test now and then. Welcome to old age.

Tumwater WA

You’re a beast Terry. Very inspirational as usual, I’m less than half your age and could only wish to do half as good! Well wishing won’t take me anywhere, so this spring/summer I’ll get some dedicated hill training. :slight_smile:

Oh, did I mention that you’re crazy?

Yes, I’ve been researching it quite a bit lately. I know that TSH levels (including T3/T4) can fluctuate and the numbers can vary from test to test. My previous test two months ago showed my TSH at almost half of the current test. So I though I would be proactive and start using iodized salt, and take a multivitamin with 100% rda of iodine.

Then I found out that too much iodine can also cause hypothyroidism! So by over saturating myself with 400-500% of rda, I could have made it WORSE! Anyway, it could be self induced, but still, I feel ok without any apparent symptoms…yet! I plan to see an endocrinologist soon for more definitive testing.

Hill climbing has always been something I like doing, mostly MUni-wise, although not until very recently have I really started training the really steep stuff in earnest. Once you conquer something like Fargo, it pretty much makes anything less steep–which is MOST everything else–much more possible and doable. But yeah, hill climbing is fun, and I avoid “shuttles” unless absolutely necessary! I want to feel like I’ve “earned” the ride down, haha! :slight_smile:

Terry, always an inspiration!

Great job, not so sure I’d be up for such a climb, that is one mother of a hill.

So what crank length are you running on that 24?

Age is nothing but a number :slight_smile:

Forgive me if I missed it in the credits, (I looked): what is that music? Elements of it remind me of the stuff that happens when Brian Eno and David Byrne get together.

Thanks Ben. I ran 165’s, which oddly enough as it sounds today, used to be the “standard” length for MUni. I know a few avid MUni guys who still use that size, for better leverage and climbing. I normally use 150’s, but given the wall-like grade of Fargo, I wanted to have that extra leverage! :smiley:

And I agree with your last statement…I just wish my “number” was lower, haha! :o

I actually got the beginning part, “Briiiiiiiing”…“bring it”, from KFI AM640 radio site. They made that and a few other of Charlie Sheen’s favorite phrases into free downloadable ringtones. The rest is just Sheen’s other phrases set to a beat. I had to “loop” it to make it long enough for the video.

The reason I chose that music/words was mainly because I loved the phrases, “I have one gear: GO!”, and “That’s how I roll”. Seemed fitting.

Oh, and…Duh, Winning! :p:):smiley:

Since that was your assemblage/editing I have just, essentially, compared you to Byrne and Eno. :wink:

Sorry I didn’t clarify. The actual music with sheen’s words was something I found searching youtube. I downloaded it and then looped it to fit the length of the video. I think there’s quite a few that people have been putting together since Charlie’s been all over the news. Here’s another of many: