spin on it?!

Anyone have tips on 180-360 turns?
I haven’t figured out how to do it yet.
A video would be very appreciated.


ok heres how i do it.

i find spins on the spot very hard because of the size / grip of my tyre ("24X"3)

findout which way you prefer to turn ( i prefer left so thats what i will describe)

first i slow right down as the pedal comes into the right spot…

if turning left::: the right spot will be with the left foot ready to go downwards, as you push that foot downwards use your arms and uper body to pivot yourself round. with practice you can do a perfect 180 without even going a few inches.

hope this helps! post me back so i can be sure u get it


I take the “skateboard” approach to 180s

I pedal until my cranks are even, then I throw my shoulder (left to right or right to left) with all my body weight, turn, and then stop. From there I ride away or turn back around.

To get this in the air, just add a little hop to it.