Ok, we’ll do our best to add a little spice to this newsgroup!

We are not attending Unicon, but we DID get to go to nationals, and we have
posted our report along with nearly 20 full-color photos! (apologies if some are
a little dark, but we figured we’d post them anyway, since we haven’t seen
others online.)

The summary I wrote for my web page is mostly Tammy-Tanya centered – but keep
watching in future issues of On One Wheel for the more objective overview. If I
got somebody’s name wrong, go ahead and chew me out!

Enjoy! (Read the captions too by moving your mouse over the pics)

Anyone else have pictures online?

nite nite, TaMmY :slight_smile:

P.S. I don’t suppose anyone would have videotaped some of the major events
(such as the expert pairs, public show, misc.) at NUC that would be
willing to make copies and perhaps sell them? Would anyone have taped the
pairs routine that my sister and I did, or our group routine with Gilby?
and if you have my individual routine on tape … please destroy it! :wink:
Thanks everyone!

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