Spermatic Cord Pain

After a few minutes in the saddle, I get a sensation which I can only describe as something pulling on my right spermatic cord, as opposed to your standard crotch pain. After a while the feeling starts to migrate into my pelvis a bit. Cycling shorts give me more endurance, but the pain always ends up returning and I’m worried I might damage something. Does anyone have experience with this type of thing?

I don’t have any migrating pain, although sometimes I have to adjust myself a little bit once I get on. It can also help to stand up off the saddle once in a while to give your crotch a break. You could try adjusting the angle of your saddle or consider getting a saddle of a different shape. I’ve read that most people find flatter saddles to be nicer on the junk when riding.

Get a nimbus air cover for your saddle when they become available again, then wear an athletic supporter only no need for cycle shorts

What saddle are you riding with?

Older curved saddles can apply excessive pressure in that region (whether you’ve added an air-cover or not). If you’re riding any kind of distance, bars help to keep your weight further back on the seat too.

Your weight should be on your sit-bones. If you have pressure elsewhere, I’d recommend changing something.

Personally I still like the KH Fusion One although it’s not for everyone. The Nimbus Air saddle (not the cover) is seemingly pretty popular too.

I still use the curved velo saddle that originally came with my Torker DX24. I guess I might have to get something better, lest I damage my manly parts.

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The M41 HandleSaddle with muni finish is also designed for that purpose:


Making unicycling work for your style of riding is a journey we all embark. We all spend to much money on things trying to find that perfect niche wether it be for comfort, speed or control, some work some don’t. I have a garage full of 29 er / 700 c tires to prove it., I went through 5 tires finding the right width, tread, pressures ect until I found just the right one. Saddles and cranks are the same, you just have to find what works for you through trial and error. Eventually you will have a dialed in machine perfect for you.

One of my favorite saddles was an old saddle off a Torker DX, but after I modified it.

I took the cover off, sliced off a good chunk of foam from the front and back making it nearly flat, and cut a teardrop shape out of the middle. I then just poked some holes in the cover so I could lace it back up and presto a flatish saddle with center relief that only cost me time and a shoestring.

I do now prefer my modern saddles, especially the Nimbus Stadium and the KH Fusion 1, but they are not cheap and may or may not solve your issue. Carving into your existing saddle might be something to try if you are on a “shoestring” budget :+1:


That sounds like a great solution. Do you have any photos I could go off of?

I really want to try a mad4one handle saddle.

It’s great it you always ride with one hand on the handle. I mostly ride the handle saddle on the muni or the KH One on the 36er and I find them both way more comfortable than any of the regular uni saddles.

I couldn’t find any pics that I have posted about the seat, it was not an uncommon practice about 10 years ago.

Another option is to flatten the whole seat, base and all.

Hi @Uniman.

Yeah, sounds familiar speaking of crotch pain on unicycle, but it’s more specific than that.

I have a little something that might be what you describe, it’s an inguinal ligament sprain. Excruciating pain. It happened during my first year of unicycling when I got intense but still lacked technique. Once it’s there it never goes back, ligaments are like toffee and unlike rubber band; they strech and don’t come back to their former state. I have to live with it. After a while it simply feel like my underwear is permanently misplaced, nothing more (no, it don’t excuses to grab your parts in public). Physiotherapy did help in “recovery” by strenghtening surounding muscles (stabilizers). As others mentionned, changing seat will defenitely help. I switched from Quax seat to KH fusion and, mostly: I didn’t gave up after a good rest, worked out my physio and my technique to lay more on my ishions, and didn’t not listen to my doc saying I’m getting old (you all know we gotta be a little stuborn to ride uni). Also, I reduced the lenght of the crank I was using so that I need less limb extension to get a full rotation and reduce hip bassin side to side movement.

This ligament, yes, attaches to the pelvis and up the hip bone.