Spending 5 weeks in SLC this summer. Wanna Ride?

I’ll be staying at The University Guesthouse from June 18th-July 23rd with Ballet West. I’m going to be busy 5-6 days a week, from early morning till 6 at night or so. But I will have some days off, and would LOVE to ride with anyone there. However I’ll only be bringing one uni(probably my trials, but maybe my muni if I just throw a street tire on it). I’m owndering if anyone wants to send me a Phone number so when I do get there we could schedule a ride or two.

Email me or PM me anytime.
Catboy@gmail.com (<—I love spiders).


I am going to be in SLC from July 25th to 28th Provo From the 28th to August 1st or second and then in Page (Lake Powell) till the 5th.

I will have my Muni and trials Unis. I would like to ride with anyone in those areas. I might also swing up to Moab or similar terrain for a day.