Spencers Flat run at Unicon

I start upload some Unicon stuff and this file was the first of them. Over the weekend there should be some more footage online.

Url: http://www.unicycle.tv/video/658-2placeexpertFlatland
Video: http://videos.unicycle.tv/658.2placeexpertflatland.wmv

Thank You!
I really enjoyed it… the 270 out of crank idle was cool looking, great job spencer!

Cool vid. What cranks does he use for flatland

Wow that was a nice run!

sick job spencer that was awesome.

125’s Moments…

with custom crankroll attatchment

Where can you get these crankroll attachments? what do they look like?

Spencer and some riders are running some prototypes… I think that I will ride one soon too… they are really good!

They are a metal piece that you put on the crank bolt and then you have space to put your foot on!

Kris said that this little precious things will be out before christmas!

I think they attach to the crank with the crank bolt and I think Kris is releasing them later this year.

2 falls? Wow, loics must have been amazing.

Ahah… crank idles… and you call me a freestyle rider! :wink:

Jk. Pretty awesome man.

I really like his uni. Bedford right?

he use a customized KH07 at the competition

F ME! I reckon that was HEAPS better than the winner!
By far one of the BEST FLAT VIDS around!
Nice work Spencer!
Keep up the good work!