Spencer's BC wheel Movie

ive never heArd of him, do you have any videos

Nope. I think Alex Toms has video but I don’t think he is going to post it.

how have you seen him then

I haven’t, I’ve just heard about him.

DUDE im in need of a bc wheel now. got one for sale?

I don’t but Phil does. here is the link

It used to be mine if that counts.

Good math Evan… :wink:

best bc film I’ve seen!

that was awesome dude.

oh and whats the song in the vid?

Thanks, the song is Bandages by Hot hot heat.

cool thanks man

that was wild Spencer, keep it up !!

i gotta invest in some plates!

Evan b4 u go and try to have a go at someone you should think about wat ur saying, and never take tease someone about their appearance, it just shows that u are obviously insecure about urself, becoz only the ppl who rnt happy about the way they r, go and bag someone else!!!

and try to come up with a better come-back, are u in grade 2 or something " how about u get your thumb out of ur but" so childish man

man, that was an awesome vid, especially liked the no-footed. how long have you been bc-ing?

also, i find that a hair tie goes a long way if you’re wearing anything on your head that isnt a bandana.

i really like the way u put the vid togetha, like with ur little sister and all!!

it gives it a whole new vibe compared to normal vids where u just see uni-ing (which dont get me wrong, is why we download them) but urs almost had a kind of story, u sitting down with ur bc at the start!!

neway, it was just an all round great vid man, not to mention the bc-ing skills, ur well wiked!!

p.s. ur sister is really cute, i watch it in laughter, shes a real character!

Thanks you guys.

Umm, I think I got my first bc wheel at the end of July in 2004 so that would be a year and a half. I haven’t been riding all that time though, when I got it I learned to ride and hop then I took a long break then Evan and I got into it again together and we both learned a bunch of new stuff, then I took another long break and Evan started again and I didn’t so I decided I wanted to get back into it and this movie basically shows me relearning everything, I was literally filming things when I was trying them for the first time. Now I accidentally took another short break because I have been working on uni stuff and not really thought about the bc, I will start riding it more really soon though.
Oh and about that hair…it is long and really annoying. The hair from the side of my head goes in my face and stays there. The whole time I am riding I am trying to shove more and more of it into my helmet…I am getting a haircut really soon so I won’t have to worry about that.

Thanks, she annoyed me when it was actually happening… Every time she ran back and forth took place in a couple minutes so I had to keep stoping and chase her…later on when I uploaded the movie it looked like I had more clips of her than of me :roll_eyes:

We thought the day would never come that Spencer got his mop chopped!

Useless get your sister to do more in the next one she was the highlight-jokes that was AMAZING im not a fan of BC wheeling but that has changed my opinion completely. Lets hope dan heaton sees it. add lucasiokingofdagetto@hotmail.com if you wana talk unicycling n stuff maybe even Bc wheelin lol top stuff

That’s incredible. About all I’ve got to say.

Saw another video of you BC’ing about a week ago and since then have been wondering how you jump, thinking surely you can’t get that sort of height out of tyre compression. Just realised you must grip it between your ankles. Feel like a dumbass now, probably shouldn’t have admitted that.


dont cut your hair spence. its what makes you you. if you had a buz-cut id boycott watching your vids. lol

haha, not a buzz cut…just the shorter version of what it is now;) If you watch my older bc movies it will probably look similar to that.