Spencer and Evan please give advice

i want to get into BC wheelin REALLY badly even tho my dad says its a waste of money. im draw between the 20 inch and 24 inch. the 24 inch is fast but does it loose control with speed or is it still a smooth ride? and can you do everything on a 24inch that you can on a 20 inch. Keepin in mind that i am 6’1" and 145pounds. i think that the 24inch w/ lowrider plates is the way to go but i just want a little comfirmation

Thanks so much you guys rock at BC’in

next time if you’re asking a specific person about a question send a personal message to them.

sorry i didnt mean it just to them i just thought if i made the title this way it may attract more attention so i could get an answer quicker:p

well, Evan is now using a 20" for most stuff, and spencer uses his trials bc but he said he would get a 20" one if he ever needs a new tire.

24s are nice though, evan did everything on them for a while.

I use the lowrider plates on my bc. They are really nice but they are a little too low for me and they twist really easily.


alright thanks miles. i was hoping to be able to ride the bc around(i have lots of downhill parts around my town) and also do some hoppin and whatnot on it. is the 24 better for riding around? or are they equal? do either of them get speed wobble when any decent speed is approached?

Yeah Evan used to totally dis 20"s. I preffer 20" I’ve never noticed any wobbling. And I’ve rode down 1/4mile a stretch of road in 80-95km/per hour winds. I’ve rode 24’s and found em cumbersome and hard to use.

24s are nice. from riding spencers jacked up one briefly It could roll over stuff better. bumps didn’t feel as big.

Don’t ask them for help, at least not from Evan, you’ll end up in the hospital…

Well, just don’t listen to him if he tells you do ANYTHING on a tennis court.
Other than playing tennis, that is.

ok so 24 or 20. this is a toughy. everyone seems rather split on which one is best. i have stated what i’d like to do on it and my size so i guess ill just hope that more awesome BC’er contribute their $.02 and ill decide tomorrow then hopefully order from darren tomorrow:D. i know most of you will say that i can build my own for cheaper but i dont mind suppporting a canadian company that is awesome plus it will be great quality.


actually, in my experience, you can’t an equal quality wheel for less. the set-up darren offers is a pretty solid one.

yea i know he emailed me with the specs of it. its seems pretty top of the line(mind you i know nothing of Bc’s:p)

but i still dont know between a 20 and 24

get a 20 if you want to do more tricks
get a 24 if you want a more solid ride
get a 26 w/ disc brakes if you want to be like evan and ride trails :wink:

Bench hops are pretty easy to pull off on a 24", any higher though can add some complication. They are much faster and smoother, and turn better/steeper than 20". As for tricks, well, if someone could shove-it, it would be hella tough on a 24", but no one can(yet dammit jeffery). Clearance helps a lot in high hops. I learned this, i switched from my 3gbikes 2og tire to a K-rad and hopping was much nicer. So if you do run a 24" dont use a fat ass tire. try a 2.1 or 1.75.

How about maybe let us answer for ourselfs for once?

has anyone ever hopped in place on a bc wheel? Like grabbing the wheel to keep it in the same place and hop like a normal uni? if you could do that you could pull off a… 180 bc spin?




(its very lame)

ok well when i emailed darren asking about the 24 he emailed back saying “very few people use a 24inch BC wheel. Are you sure you dont want a 20”?

this is a hard decision:( hardest in my hole life (jk)
i wont be doing any serious tricks like spencer and evan and bryan and all you other pro bc’er but i’d like to go down stairs, curbs, up curbs and other small sets. but i’d also just like to ride around on it so speed and smoothness would probabaly be a big thing. so 24 would probably better suite my needs? and how much of the extra speed of a 24 can you use before you gotta jump off?

Sorry for so many questions but this is a pricey purchase for somethign i’ve never tried ($330)

opps forgot one thing. what would be the average “cruisin” speed of a 20 vs. a 24 that would be safe to ride around and not worry about fallin off and hurtin myself. cuz if the 20inch is quick then i guess ill go for a 20

A 24" is MUCH faster. As for speed before you have to bail…Well…anything past like 13mph and your rather commited. I’v done 18 and at speeds like that your going to get very hurt if you jump off, however it gets so easy to ride at those speeds.