Speedo/ Odometer on a Uni

Does anyone use a speedo/odometer on their uni to track average speed and miles traveled. I put on quite a few miles and would be interested in tracking my rides. I guess the device would have to be pretty durable for the times that the uni goes down. I occassionally put a GPS in my pocket to track a new route that I ride on, but I am looking for something a little more consistent. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

I use one on my 36er and my geared 24". I have my total distance, distance per ride, average speed, max speed, current speed, calories which I dont care and are probably not accurate with unicycling. I think it’s an awesome way to calculate rides, instead of going on MapMyRide.com or having a really expensive GPS. I’m over 1000kms on my 36er and over 500kms on my 24".

Do you select tire diameter? How does it know a 20" from a 36"
Wonder if 36" is selectable on all models. thanks


Thanks for your reply. I should have been more specific in my first post. I am looking to buy something so that I don’t have to use my car’s GPS. Which one do you use? Does is it attach to the uni or do you keep it in your pocket or on your wrist? The other post brought up a good point. Do you need to set a tire diameter for the device to be accurate?

Cycle computers can be wired or wireless. Wireless has the benefit of not having wires that could break. I’m guessing wireless has come a long away, but I personally don’t like wireless gadgets like this… another battery, interference, and a connection I can’t see. I can fix a wire if it breaks. Wireless might let you put it on your person or some place where you can check it as you ride. But I don’t know.

Yes, you set the wheel circumference… often in mm. There is often a chart provided for common wheel sizes, but I always measure the wheel by rolling it on the driveway, marking the tire and ground with chalk, and then measure on the ground from chalk to chalk. Actually sitting on the uni compresses the tire and can change the distance. I found my 24" uni rolled 2" less when the tire was compressed.

Not sure about 36" settings. It would be annoying if the manufacturer limited it to below that. I can check mine later if you remind me.

I use a Velo 8. It has all the basics… I think it was like $15.

Calories is a joke, whether uni or bike. I could coast down a hill for 5 miles or I could ride up it. It one case I doing no work and in the other I’m nearly having a heart attack. It can’t tell the difference.

I attach mine to my frame. I can’t see it when I’m riding. I use it as a log and as a clock.


I know my suggestion is probably not needed but out of the few cycle computers i’ve tried (on bikes and unis) a mid range VDO one was by far the best.

It was more user friendly than the others and the transmitter was a lot less bulky or fussy about how close it was to the spokes. It also had all the fetures you wanted.

Fit two magnets on the wheel. Half the 36" wheel setting on the computer and it should work.

I ordered a wired speedo for my 29". Thanks for the info. I just hope it will be durable enough, I usually let the uni go when I fall or bail.

I really love my Garmin Edge. Fits perfectly on the TBar and love having the heartrate monitor to confirm when I am gasping for air.

It should be fine on UPDs. The wires are the weakest link on these things. Just make sure you install them securely so they don’t move and they’re out of the way so that you don’t brush against them when you ride. Even a tiny bit of friction will eventually wear through those wires. Up the inside of the fork is good like in MuniOrBust’s picture.

Yes, I thought the MuniOrBust method looked like the most practical way to mount it. Thanks