Hiya all, just a quick thread on my experience with this online bike parts shop. I don’t know how popular they are in the US, but here’s my positive experience with them.

Now you may all be wondering why me, a UK unicylist, had any interest in or dealings with a US bike shop? Well I’ll tell you:

In my quest for a Surly LM Rim, I came across Speedgoat as the cheapest seller online. I ordered from them, and promptly got the order reciept with a small footnote “This order may take 7-10 days to ship”. I accepted this as a given, since my order was international and somewhat bulky (a 26" Rim is not exactly space efficient).

Imagine my surprise when this morning, only 7 days after making the order, not only had it been shipped it had also made its way across the atlantic and to my workplace! Excellent service (although telling me its on its way would have been nice). Not only that, but they saved me about £30 in duty & tax by marking the contents as being worth only $45, instead of the $80 - $90 it was really worth. Now I don’t condone this behaviour, but in this case it saved me a packet & I managed to get my rim delived to my door for £25 less than the RRP (without shipping) in the UK.

Great shop, great service, plus reading the Tribune newspaper they packed the box with was a nice distraction for half an hour.

I would reccommend them not only to US but also overseas customers looking for a bargain on US based bike parts. Only quibble is they don’t accept my Maestro card…


Skims page I don’t see a link.


Re: Speedgoat

Sorry 'bout that, it’s hard to convince vendors to accept my payment service when they find out I have to use my personal credit cards to reimburse them… these pyramid schemes can get complicated! :stuck_out_tongue:

Google? Anyone?

I see now, Its all a ploy to lure us europeans into a false financial security! Shame on you. And you should be accepted in more places!