Speed in function of unicycle study

Hello everyone,
I have just started a study on unicycle speed in function of your gear. The gear studied will be cranks length, wheel diameter carbon wheels, schlumpf and handlebars. So, if you have an unicycle between 16 and 36 inches, the link is just under.

You may need a straigth line, a timer and some time.

It is currently in French and english.

If you have any question on the protocol, please ask.

Thanks a lot if you can take some time to fill it. I will give you the results as soon as I have something usable.


Am I blind or is the “time” column missing?

No it isn’t.
It is what I have selected on this screen.

Since I’m studying two entries (plus Schlumpf…), I have done it this way.
I’ll try to make some tests tomorrow, so once a few values will have been filled, it should be way clearer.