Speed control and dismounting help

I’ve started to be able to ride a unicycle, but I have little to no speed control, I usually start off fast since at this stage I just fall if I start to slowly, and then can’t slow down, this is also a pain when it comes to dismounting.

So can I have some tips for speed control, and also safe ways to dimount at high speeds.

Good job on learning to ride!

When you start riding it’s normal to have little control, time and practice will take care of things. Just remember to keep most of you weight on the seat, and if you start going too fast just concentrate on pedaling slower and leaning back a little to keep your balance.

To slow down, you have to get the wheel ahead of you. If you strive to keep the wheel always exactly underneath you you will, indeed, be at its mercy. Get it out front and you have to slow down (or fall off the back) and the opposite to speed up.

Besides just jumping off out of the unicycles way, do you have any advice on how to dismount if you have to, and your going at a high speed.

Ride into the nearest kerb, instant UPD:D

Unless you have a crazy guni you should be able to dismount from the unstable high speed and just run along with your uni grabbing it and stopping it. There’s not exactly a special technique, just best not to let it whizz off crash and rumble around on the floor tis all.:wink:

Even then, it’s probably better for you to learn to dismount by slowing down. It’ll sorta help prepare you for idling/backwards riding. It’s smoother, safer and looks less like a UPD to random passerby;)

If you try riding down hills, you will either learn to slow down or to dismount at speed. :astonished:

I am not recommending the idea, just making an observation.

That’s actually not a bad bit of advice. Start with a gentle slope and work your way steeper.

I was going to say you don’t need to learn to dismount at high speed if you’re still a beginner, but I think your beginner skills are what’s bringing you to that place. So my advice is to not go so fast until you learn how to slow down. :slight_smile:

Dismounting while going fast requires you to get your feet off, in front of the unicycle, while still being able to “run out” of it. If you let yourself get going too fast, this is hard to do because you can’t get your feet out there. Just practice doing forward dismounts, catching the seat when you do it (that’s good practice too). The more you do, the more confidence you will have in any given type of dismount.

But instead of getting into that kind of situation while you’re still in the “new rider” stage, try to slow down or stop yourself before the speed starts getting up there.

Im going to restate what JF said above about getting your wheel out front by using myself as an example.

A while back my uni got away from me on a downhill and I had a nice upside down and backwards superman moment (looking up at sky with feet out front) before it all went boom and I hit the ground in a very awkward position. Nothing hurt but it wasn’t much fun.

So next time I was riding on the same downhill I realized that if I leaned back (a bit) that my legs kind of naturally slowed down.

So now for me my first reaction when I feel ‘it’ getting out of control is to lean back and my Uni instincts kick in and I apply some back pressure to pedals. It feels to me like I adjust my speed more by how much I lean more than I do pedal back pressure. Feet/Pedals are still a factor of course but I ‘lead’ with leaning back now.

This feels much more ‘secure’ to me than when I was just using pedal back pressure alone.