Speed Calculator

I was messin’ around in Excel, and came up with the following little tool that let’s you easily calculate your speed and cadence, and allows you to predict your theoretical top speed on your uni. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Check it out…

I’ll follow up this post with another with the file attached in Excel. To run it, you’ll need to use Winzip to get it on your local drive and Excel to open it.

If any of you Excel wizzes out there spot any errors in the calculations, please let me know…

I hope someone else finds this interesting! :wink:



Here’s the file…

Calculator.zip (2.83 KB)

There is a similar calculator at IronJungle called UniCalc. You can check your numbers by running the same calculations through UniCalc.


Thanks for remembering my calculator. I have had several people ask for the lockcode.

It’s free for all to enjoy. All I ask is that you place a pin on my Frappr map.

Thanks again!

You wouldn’t happen to have the source for your application, would you? What language is it programmed in?


For those of us without Excel, or that would prefer an executable application, I made a quick version of this utility in C++.

It’s very small, just under 50 lines of code and under half a MB, but it gets the job done. I’ve zipped it, along with the source, and attached it below. It’s open source and freeware, of course – feel free to distribute it.

Also, if newtouni’s application doesn’t work on your computer like it doesn’t on mine, try this little guy. It doesn’t have a GUI, though, so a side effect may be a mild feeling of oldschoolity.

Unicycle Calculator.zip (130 KB)

I worked too hard. I measured the rotation of my 36" and came up with the same 113" and divided into the # of inches in a mile giving me the # of rotations per mile. From there i did the same for all the unicycles I owned to see how far/fast I could go … ie how much time I wanted to exercise and how much time I wanted to spend exercising. I am glad for the calculator I lost lost the paper I did the calculations on! Ha!

When calculating cadence and such for a Coker you should note that a Coker wheel is not exactly 36 inches in diameter. The actual rolling diameter is closer to 34.8 inches based on the rollout.

Check the Coker rollout measurements by Klaas. Most rollouts are in the neighborhood of 2780 mm for the circumference. So adjust your input values accordingly.

Haha, now I appreciate my gps all the more!:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, rollout is a factor of the specific tire you have. We have lots of reported measurements for Coker tires, but the Radial TA tire might be a different size.

Also, just because your unicycle has a 24" rim, don’t assume you’re rolling out a 24" diameter distance with each rotation. The Miyatas we used to ride came out to about 23.3", and my Wilder with a Gazzalodi tire is almost 26". Consider tire size before starting your calculations.