Spectator comments

I live right behind a school, and often me and my friend bryan ride there and there are little kids that are the biggest idiots in the world. One girl was watching me ride a thin platform (seen in video) and after she watched me she said “you can ride that thing?” then i said “no” of course
Then i mounted and started to ride away and she said “why are you even trying to ride it if you dont know how” (not even paying attention to the fact that i can easily ride it!)
Im sure you all get this a lot, but i just had to let out my agression. Haha

I always tell people I can’t ride it if they ask, which they often do.

I think its appropriate to ask a similarly stupid question though… “can you tie shoelaces?”

one time some kid asked what i was doing and i just stared then said uhh… whats it looke like? and he said i dont know…

When people ask me if I can ride a unicycle I have with me, especially if they probably saw me ride it, I’ll often answer:
“No, I’ve had to have one of these ever since my operation.”

Little kids can say stupid stufff, but depending how little they are, it’s part of being little kids. It’s the high school kids that scare me. You’re about to graduate and are somewhere near that 18th birthday where my country considers you an adult. Is your head really that short on smarts? :slight_smile: (I’ll spare you some examples)

If asked whether I can ride it I go with “No, I just carry it around to look cool.”, while attempting to keep a straight face. Reactions vary depending on whether they think I’m serious or not…


note my sig next time somebody asks you something like that…