Spectacular new design of unicycle

I stumbled across this:


Its a giraffe with a tbar and fat tire hmmmm…

A giraffe BC wheel.

cant for get the fat tire

It’s a penguin version of this uni:

When riding that one, I think a big stein of beer would be appropriate. That’s the way we “roll” in South Tirol, Italy! :slight_smile:

  • But it’s not a giraffe; no chain.
  • It’s not a BC – well, I guess it could be a giraffy BC
  • It does have a T bar though

I think it’s a beach cruiser. Except for the lack of a drive system. Also noticing that they all seem to be flying in the air. I think it’s like a Hoppity-Hop with a T bar. :slight_smile:

A “Hoppity Hop”?

Two nations divided by a single language.

They are “space hoppers”.

Use one of the glassen dimpled ones, they improve aerodynamics.