specs on the isis crank?

I am looking for the exact specifications for the female isis part of a crank, if anyone has some calipers and an isis crank that would be oh so helpful. I’m looking for precision, down to .001 inches if possible or greater. also does anyone think it would be practical to temper steel cranks?

It is free info if you just look for it. No need for reverse engineering.


No, you’re posting a request in a unicycle forum. If you were looking for the specifications, you would’ve found this:


No, you’re looking for accuracy. If “anyone” picked up a set of calipers and an ISIS crank, you’d get a bunch of useless numbers.

Practical for what application? Why would you want to do that? Have you considered that many axles are already tempered?


Thanks for the link. I was looking for this a couple of weeks ago.

Are you gonna make some homemade cranks?
Thats gonna be intresting, keep us posted

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