Specific rolling wrap question

On the second half of the rolling wrap, why should I expect the tire to continue to turn? It’s a perfect mirror of the starting position, and if from this position the unicycle rolls forward “by itself”, then what is the reason the tire is kicked in the first place? I do not understand this - if I am to believe that it rolls from the momentum of the initial kick, then I should expect that kick to be a very hard one, which is not ever what I observe, in fact it is described as a ‘light kick’ in the tutorial, and for the transitional movements to be perfectly smooth, which again, I don’t observe. So: Why is there not a second kick? My unicycle just stops when I get half way through the rolling wrap - which is really what I would expect.

Please, will anyone offer any specific instruction on this element of the RW?


Kinda hard to explain but when you put your right foot down on the right crank you really gotta pull your left foot around and by doing so it will give you momentum and roll you forward.

Bit of pulling, bit of leaning. Just practice and you’ll start to understand the mechanics of it.

I would say there is almost a bit of pushing from your foot on the crank as well. It depends on how you point your foot and how you stand on it…

That makes sense. Just want to know I’m doing this correctly. Thanks a lot.