specialized roller pro 24x2.70

Right before Christmas time my ex-girlfriend got me a specialized roller pro 24x2.70 tire. I ran this tire till about 2 weeks ago. The tire seem fine but I was always having to play with air pressure. On a Muni ride I tried to roll over a 3-5" inch rock the uni shot back and went forward and kept stumbling waiting to fall over and avoided 2 boulders. I then aired down and was able to go over the rock but now it was like riding on a trampoline. I could not stay on the uni for the life of me. So I decided to get a DH intense 24x3.00 and a matching down hill tube. Come to find out the side wall isn’t reinforced at all on the roller pro that’s why it was all rubbery this may be a good bike tire but it sucks for muni I should have got the DH a long time ago. Of cores the DH tire and tube did add a bit of weight but now I can get the power to the ground and has great traction. So now if I cant do something I know its cause I’m a crappy inexperienced rider. :smiley: … think I should give her the tire back?