Specialized Bighit tire

Has anyone tried the Specialized Bighit tire on a uni? It’s a relatively
light 2.5" wide tire and comes in 24" or 26". It’s 700 grams for the 24".

See http://www.specialized.com/2001/products/bike_accessories/tires/mou-

I saw them at a local bike shop and immediately thought they might be cool
for muni or trials. They seemed to be rather bouncy due to their lighter
weight construction than a true DH tire. Might they have a little bit of
the bouncy flavor of the Monty?

The tread pattern is spread out and probably would not have good traction
on the trails. But other than that it looks like a cool tire. It might be
more appropriate for urban riding rather than trail riding due to the
tread pattern.


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