Special Thanks To Darren Bedford

After helping me put on an excellent unicycle workshop a couple weeks ago in
Ottawa for the Nanaimo Park Jugglers, Darren did something that will go a
long way to promote unicycling in the Ottawa area - he donated a Bedford
Unicycle to the Nanaimo Park Jugglers. Now even those who can’t afford to
buy a unicycle can learn to ride! This means a lot to our club, as we charge
no fees and therefore have no money and a lot of the kids who come out to
juggle would like to learn to ride but are not able to buy their own
unicycles. Thanks to Darren they will now be able to learn to ride.

Darren, you are truly one of the great unicycle ambassadors!

C. Roth
Managing Juggler
Nanaimo Park Jugglers
Ottawa, Canada

Re: Special Thanks To Darren Bedford

Darren is a great guy.
Barb K.