special seat stiffener by S.Wallis or GB4?

I am hoping that one of you can make a special item.
I would like piece of metal that is identical to the GB4 seat stiffener, except that it extend backwards to offer support for the back of the seat.

The GB4 stiffener is flawless, however, some of us have had trouble with the plastic seat frame snapping off on the back from drops and such. I understand that there is amazing force to the rear of the seat - especially since I recently cracked my GB4 seat post (backwards) below the weld. Another thing I have observed (I think) is the GB4 seat post is starting to bend downward (in front of the near the rear holes).

Currently, my plastic frame has started to bend, and my fear is that one day I will end up sitting on tire. I understand that a carbon fiber frame may solve that problem - however it comes with it`s own set of problems that I desire to avoid. With an “extended GB4 seat stiffener” I believe the saddle frame will last 2 years or more.

Why start a thread about this item?
Perhaps others will show interest in it and more could be made. Anyone?

contact george, http://www.gb4mfg.com, and ask if he could make you one. i’m sure he could. whether he would i’m not sure, but asking won’t hurt and won’t cost you anything unless he says yes.

I can do metal fabrication and I have access to a shop, Maybe if you come up with a drawing of what you want I can make it, I would like to get into fabricating unicycle parts, especially new ideas. Describe what you want and I will see what I can do, I am not trying to make any money with this, Im just trying to learn and help some people out if I can.


Thanks for asking but I can’t help you on that. If you don’t mind the weight of the steel reinforcement, you could just have a welding shop weld an extension to your existing one or make one from scratch using yours as a pattern. Get them to gusset the post while you are at it.
I know you don’t like carbon fiber bases, but I think you would be happier with one in the long run.


Sorry, I don’t have any metal working skills, so I won’t be able to make you anything. I would suggest trying a Viscount with reeder handle for trials. The Viscount has a thick metal base. Most people don’t like how heavy it is, but it might be lighter then the Miyata with all the extra reinforcements in it. Another option you may want to think about is having a welder weld gussets on the seatpost going to the handle and the rear bumper. That would add strength to the saddle and the post.