Special-made CNC components - ATTN: showard and others

I’m working on some design ideas for my SpaceCruiser project and I’ve got an idea that I think could be great, but I don’t exactly have the means to pull it off. Hopefully, you guys can help me out with what I want to build.

Specifically, I would like to design my own specialty miyata front bumper/handle. It won’t exactly be a handle, rather sort of an instruments display, in which I can embed something like a speed computer and other read-out devices.

What I have in mind is the basic size and shape of the Kinport CNC handle, but the cavity cut out for your fingers for grabbing will be on the top rather than the bottom. Also, that cavity would be cut to a specific size and shape so I can place whatever doo-hickies inside - giving me an instruments display.

So how do I get this done? Can I contract somebody to design and cut it? I don’t have any experience with CAD or anything like that, which I am sure is necessary to doing a proper CNC job, but I could provide the measurements of what I need cut in the block.

I would really appreciate your ideas, help, and advice here…

Since you don’t have casual access to CNC- and your goal isn’t production- I think it would be more practicle to hand fabricate the part. My preference would be to cast. There are lots of applicable room temperature castable materials- or you could farm out the casting (and have it done in aluminuim). Building the part over a form would probably be the least difficult, and is typicaly how specialty fairings and the like would be made for auto/aircraft/boats. It is also the most accessable.

Just my opinon, for what it’s worth (free!).


Interesting. I wouldn’t rule that out, although I don’t think I would want aluminum. I think plastic is better for what I want. I would have no idea where to begin in finding somebody to do the casting and design. Any thoughts?