Special ed kids unicycling?

Wow. This is the most prominent display of immaturity I have ever seen here. Thank you to whoever banned that disgrace of a user. And please, since I’m posting I ask that you give me some more ideas to help the children.

What does nolocbauq mean anyway?

Huh I didn’t even notice that was there. I haven’t a clue what it is. Is there any account hacking on here?

EDIT: I learned how to use the tools here so it’s gone now. I don’t have any idea waht it could’ve been though.

I notice a slight inconsistancy in your story…

Not that i am doubting you.

the best thing to do would b to PM Hazmat, he looks to have the most expereince in such an area and he is great! that is if he has not given enough help already :slight_smile: way to go Hazmat!

Like others who ask for learning advice, it would help if you gave us an indication of the problem. You are teaching people how to ride. Have you read up on that? Then you modify the teaching methods in the areas where your people may have trouble. Expect it to take plenty of practice…

The problem he has is that he doesnt have anyone to teach… Poor John. (Not you Foss) and another problem he seems to have is that he cant ride. Also he has to keep making new users when they get banned for posting degrading comments. Im not sure why he would degrade his own thread though :thinking: oh well.

Maybe you should use a mirror… It might help

lol. Poor john he makes up so many stories he cant keep them straight.:smiley:

What exactly have you noticed that may not be working for them learning to unicycle. I may know how what it is and able to help you if you tell me. :smiley:

I broke my back 5/3/99 and am partially paralysed in my legs (almost completely below the knee and most of my hips and glutes). Before getting my first uni I did a lot of resurch on riding.

For me using a long rail on smooth ground was crutial. My first day I held onto that rail w/ a death grip w/ both hands. The next day it was a death grip w/ one hand and frequent grabs by the other. By the end of a week I used one hand w/o a death grip. I practiced for an hour almost every day and after two months I could basically ride around.

The idea of falling was terrifiing and I discovered that a larger wheel was harder and some people said there wasn’t much difference between a 20 and 24, so I got a 16" CX and it helped my confidence a lot. After I spent a half hour adjusting to the differences I was riding all over the playground of the school where I was practicing. Another reason for me getting it is I thought it would be easier to learn some tricks (riding backwards is easier, idling is harder)

I learned on my 24" DX, but I was later given a 20" and I bought some 150 cranks to experiment w/ and now I think this set up (or possibly longer cranks) would be the easiest to learn the basics on. If I learned to consistently dismount w/ the uni in front w/ both legs, sooner it would have reduced my feer of falling. Wearing wrist, knee, elbow guards also helps. I’ve bruised my tailbone and hips a couple of times, so I’m thinking of getting some hip pads.

Because of the paralysis my degestive system dosen’t work as well and have to take laxatives to stay regular. My warning time is five minutes or less. I ride mostly in town, so there is almost always a bathroom close by. Only once was it a true emergency (the bathroom at the first gas station was out of order). Riding stimulates my bowels, more than walking time, less than walking the same distance.

I went Muni riding a while ago and just didn’t take my laxatives that day.

mrwhitechristmas, some people struggle through a lot to enjoy our sport. You trying to ridicule it with your asinine stories followed by lame defenses is not appreciated by anyone here. If you knew what was good for you, you’d pack up and leave the unicyclists and mentally handicapped alone. You could learn a lot from either group - in general they find better ways to entertain themselves than harassing others.

Skilewis74, I’m sorry your story is now compared to his. I think your story is inspiring to anyone who wants to ride. And Hazmat, i’m sorry that he tries to devalue what you do for people. It’s guys like you who make me proud to identify with unicyclists.

Timbob, can I ask why you are trying to discredit me among this community?

what about squintz and I. we try to discredit you because have skipped all of the classic new riders to the forums quetions. because you are stupid… you ask questions that have no meaning to YOU. you don’t actually ride.


Because its funny to see you make up excuses for all the things that I point out.

u stil tryin to teach those morons how to ride? they never gonna be as good as me