Special ed kids unicycling?

I really want to help someone. He’s a boy in special ed, and he badly wants to learn to unicycle. I was wondering if by some chance anyone here had any experience with that. A problem though is he has a bit of, I guess I’ll say “trouble” controlling his bowels. Any help would be appreciated. Links, articles, personal experience, it’s all appreciated. Thank you.

What type of “Special Ed” kid is this?

I have a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome in our club. His progess has been very slow but he is persistent.

My son has Down Syndrome, although he could probably ride a bike, he won’t. Other than sitting on it he has had very little interest in learning to ride a uni.

I’ve been around a lot of Autistic kids, don’t know any that ride but based on their other athletic abilities I don’t see why they couldn’t learn.

In order to give you help or advice, I think we need a little more background.

If he badly wants to learn to unicycle you should find out a bit more about his situation and then find just the right uni for him and just the right learming atmosphere.

Disability, circumstance… we all know that the DESIRE to learn is the most important factor. Above percieved “ability” the desire is most important.

Jaime Escalante sums it up perfectly in the term “ganas”.

He doesnt want to ride because he doesnt exist. Sorry for ruining your “fun” John.

what a waste of my time… I figured since this was in RSU it was a serious inquiry.

Depends. There are probably other brands to cover the bowels part. Sitting on a unicycle will probably help “keep it in!” :slight_smile:

Beyond that, it depends on the individual. I don’t think unicycling requires a high level of cognitive ability, just a high level of motivation and good motor skills. If your guy has that, unicycling is within his means (just as it is for nearly everyone else, if they’re interested).

Well when me and my good friends are doing charity unicycle cruises. We have special ed kids all the time asking us that they want to learn how to unicycle. So what we do is ask the parents what condition they have b4 we teach them. Then and only then do we try our best to help them unicycle. On average we have a 70% chance that the next time we see them. They’re unicycling better then we are and that’s always good to see. It means that we have done our job well.

What i think is nice also is they ask for our autographs and stuff like that. Which we do. :smiley: :smiley:

When i see this in special ed kids who want to learn how to unicycle. I normally attach a normal drinking water bottle which is attached to a tube which is then attached to the seatpost and let them put a special sponge inside their pants. When the sponge becomes full (because of the fact the person would be sitting on the unicycle), it would somehow squeeze their liquids through a tube into the bottle leaving the seat reaonably dry. :smiley: So that might help. Check department stores cause that’s where we get the stuff.

NOTE: Gloves are definitely needed just to let you know. :smiley: :smiley:

Hoped this helped in some way mrwhitechristmas

I love how foss and hazmot totally missed your comment. get John in trouble if you can:D

Well if someone like that did came along, then you would help like i do, wouldn’t you?? :smiley: :smiley: + it is funny how i missed that comment. :smiley: :smiley:

I’m not sure what those 2 are talking about. I do appreciate the advice though.

That’s right. I didn’t miss Tim’s comment. I don’t know who Tim is, or who mrwhitechristmas is, so don’t have much reason to believe or not believe either of you. There are plenty of developmentally disabled kids out there who want to ride unicycles. The message here is why not? Some will take longer to learn, and some will learn very fast. Just like everybody else.

Well i like helping special ed kids when i’m doing the unicycle charity cruises with my friends. Cause at the end of the day, It is so worth it to see the smiles they show when they have accomplished the basics of unicycling. Which is why me and my friends have done it for the last 3yrs. We won’t stop helping special ed kids or sick kids until we’re dead. :smiley: :smiley:

timbob was in computer class on Unicyclist.com. some kid looked over his shoulder and saw where he was and created an account here. ask tim about it. and now he is asking random questions.

Pretty much. Im actually suprised John went on at home instead of just at school. He usually does it right in front of me with a stupid grin on his face to try to annoy me. On second thought he might be the person he is wanting to help and just wants to remain anonymous by using the third person. lol.


Wow you guys really need to grow up. I was on vacation and couldn’t check here, but I am appalled (sp?) that they are making fun of me for helping out children less fortunate than them. You should be ashmed of yourself.

yes we feel so guilty… tim and I forgot you were special ed yourself and wanted to stay anonymous.
sorry for telling everyone you are special ed

Hey, me and my friends help those who are less fortunate too you know. :smiley:

:smiley: i bet thats what your doing right now… not like you ever stop.
and yeah nice haircut.:stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone else have any tips? They’re still struggling to learn how! Thank you to the few who have been helpful!!!