Spares or Unicycle?

I’m a fairly new unicyclist, I recieved a 20" Dodger from for christmas and I can already bunny-hop and do some really basic stuff. The thing is, i’m not sure if the unicycle is right for this. My birthday is coming up next month and I was wondering if it was worth upgrading.

I’m on a reasonably tight budget and so i’m not sure if I should just buy a new frame and a Kris Holm saddle, or if I should just invest in buying a new freestyle uni or even a low-budget trials uni. What would be the better option in these circumstances?

The frame isn’t going to be the weak point, it’s the hub/cranks/rim if anything. I’m not familiar with the dodger (and am too lazy to look it up right now). What kind of riding are you mostly interested in learning? That could help you make the decision about freestyle or trials.

well if u like jumping up stuff u should get a trials for sure, if u want to do some freestyle you should get a trials and just call it street. if u want to try some Muni get a trials, a trials would be better than a freestyle at Muni. so i think u should get a trials unicycle… i love riding street…

uhhh yeh…i agree a trials would be probly best for you if you like to hop on stuff and to do a little freestlye…but if you plan on doing any muni or distance riding the 20"wheel will not do you any good. oh btw, is the the dodger you currently own?


Thats the one. I’ve sorta made my decision already; i’ll probably get myself a Nimbus Trials, it’s just what I want and it won’t break the bank. Thanks guys

good idea for a begginer trials uni…its quite strong…but dont take it off to many drops.

yeah, if you can afford it, get something splined. much much stonger.