Spare Stuff

I’m going to be selling a bunch of spare parts which I will put in this thread. I’ve been putting it off so this thread is to motivate me to take pics and start posting stuff up. So expect me to post stuff over this weekend.

Magixause has already claimed my blue round crown nimbus frame so he gets that unless that deal falls through.

got any other frames?

I am looking for an ISIS hub, and cranks if you have them.

I’m intrested in a stiffner plate if you have one.

yes I will be selling a black nimbus 2 style qu-ax frame

I have a kh wheel with a pretty badly bent rim and inner wall drilling is cracking and hub flanges are bent too. It is possible to true it to something usable i guess but its in pretty bad shape.
I also might be selling my 125mm cranks which are scratched up but not bent or anything.

I don’t have a good stiffener plate but I have one that’s welded but I’m not sure it’s usable and I can’t find it.

Edit: I’m pretty positively sure the frame is sold but you get next dibs Jeremy.

I don’t mind bent flanges, but the cracked rim is no use. I will be putting them on a road uni, so I don’t think I will be putting as much stress on the hub as you have. Would you be willing to take the hub out of the wheel to sell it? How much for the hub, and the cranks if you decide to sell them?

KH street seat?

I most likely will be selling a yellow kh street saddle

Hey surfer, do you have any KH/onza cranks? Or koxx street cranks? or Qu-ax 35mm cranks? … Have any cranks? :smiley:

zack, you should just make a list of the stuff you are selling.

and everyone esle… you should wait.

yes I know. I’m not answering anymore questions till I list stuff


you can make offers on anything and I’ll think about it but here’s what I’m looking to get for this stuff and anything else that doesn’t have a price you can make an offer or i’m still considering the price (prices in U.S. dollar)

The blue frame is pretty much sold but I can sell the qu-ax unicycle whole or parted out if you want to buy it with the black nimbus frame or just separate parts of it.

Kh street saddle with brand new base and stiffener but cover is ripped and foam has duct tape hold it together really well.
standard steel 25.4 seat post
Black qu-ax nimbus 2 style frame
Qu-ax wheel; rim needs just a bit of truing but it’s still a bomb
plastic pedals or we can work out a deal with the animals
try-all tire worn on most sides but has some tread on some parts (perfect ready to shave)
Make an offer

beginner plastic pedals (almost new): $1.75 (unless bought with the whole uni)

125mm moments (used and scratched from pedal grabs not bent or anything): $45

United 89mm cotterless cranks (rode around twice and decided I liked my 114mm cranks better so I took them off; practically new). $10

Odyssey black twisted pcs (brand new): $9. My little brother’s friend took them out of the plastic wrap for some reason but they have never been ridden.

KH freestyle bumper $2. same story as the 89mm, didn’t like as much as a regular handle so I switched back. really good condition, but scratched a bit on the front from seat pushing.

Animal Hamiltons (used a lot): $12. Comes with extra pins but my pedal grabbing side doesn’t have pins in it right now. Decent condition and still have a decent amount of life left in them

Random bolt 25.4 clamp: $1.50

kh 07 Wheel: make an offer, the inner wall is cracked in between the holes in most spots and its really out of true. The hub is still usable but the flanges are bent inward not really badly in a consistent arc all the way around.

offers also on the custom torker lx air saddle (with 25.4 post and original foam included)

That all said: you can make offers (preferably by pm) and if you want me to take more pics of something I can or I can weigh anything with that very accurate postal scale.

buy away!

edit: chicago people have automatic first dibs if they want something
If you want the seat max we can work out a deal

oh yeah I forgot the bearings are brand new nimbus Isis 42mm bearings for $10. (you can use them on any isis hub I’m pretty sure except koxx one)

Whoever buys the qu-ax wheel gets the extra replacement spokes also.

Your stuff looks beat up :stuck_out_tongue:

Better take care of that new 08KH20 :wink:

Destroy to enjoy. :wink:

Kh Wheel, Kh moments, black twisted pcs, seat clamp, and the round crown frame are sold.

How much would u sell the torker lx air saddle for? Just a price around what you are looking for because I have no idea what it’s worth

probably around $25 + shipping