Spare parts US Street trials and 24

Hey guys im not 100% on any of these things because they are really great components but here they are

32 hole koxx-one wheel $200

36 hole 20" flat wheelset with eclat rim and KH hub $280

street 24 set up: kh 24 2008 rim/frame/hub, and hookworm tire $300

KH yellow seat clamp 5$

shaved tryall tire (black)-30$

KH 08 hub- 20$

gusette pimp pink tire-15$

nimbus cx frame-10$

black lightly used twisted PC’s- 5$

PM me if you are interested

Is the 08 KH hub the one that still had the “KH” in the flanges? Also, how is it? little bit bent flanges? rust? brand new? I might be interested, qith the Twisted PC’s.

do you have pictures of the koxx wheel?

K1 wheel is now not up for grabs sorry