Spare hubs, cranks and frames

Do you mean these ? These are original bearings for the Koxx-One hubs

Ok, thanks now I know where those bearings in my garage came from.

Is it possible that normal ISIS bearings fit on that hub? I didn’t knew about the specific bearings and I ordered new ISIS bearings, I did’t press them onto the hub, but they do seem fine. Aren’t they ok?

Definitely no. Koxx hubs have a different axle diameter. In your case 25mm. But there were also Koxx hubs with 20mm. The most common are 22mm for ISIS hubs. The designation ISIS only says something about the crank mount, not about the bearing size


Yes ! Nice, I have a old Koxx Hub and I don’t found the bearings. Thank’s.

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Thank you for solving the mystery!

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HI Vogelfrei80

I am very interested in the mentioned 27.5 qu-ax so if you can contact me that would be great.

I’m struggling to reach the unicycles! I need more days!!

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