Spare hubs, cranks and frames

I’m selling same spares (EU shipping).

Q-axle 32h disc light alu hub with bearings (Sold)

koxx one reinforced hub 36h (with new bearings and bolts arrived from
125mm q-axle cranks (SOLD)
135mm q-axle cranks

A Koxx steel 20" frame (already lent to a learner)

A square tapered 20" wheel (already lent to a learner)

Rgb 36" frame (SOLD)

For prices consider about 35% less than a new product.
Other pictures tomorrow

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Which Koxx Hub is it? A old One which the old bearings 25 mm to 42mm or the new the 24mm to 42mm bearings? I wont also a 25mm to 42mm and 12 mm length but i can’t find them.

I can swap bearings with an Exceed titanium hub so they are the same. That’s why I am waiting for common new ISIS bearings to fit on it. If you need strange bearings and you can post a pic I can check. I remember I own somewhere a spare pair of bearings which was strange and “thin”. I never used them but keep them €70 38€

The light version Mine is the ISIS reinforced version. 22€. It has new bearings and bolts (I bought from last week)

137mm; 38€€€

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Does anyone know how to get in contact with Sebastien from Grenoble? I received his money but I cannot receive any answer to start shipping!


Hello, which Sebastien ?

I guess we’re talking about Seb Go. I’ve sent him a DM on Messenger, waiting for a reply.

[EDIT] That’s not Seb Go we’re talking about. But he’ll message the other Seb from Grenoble. We’ll find this guy!

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Thank you guys!

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Do you succedeed with him? I didn’t receive any PM. He is @joebar on this forum

No luck there :frowning:

Thanks Maxence for your research! I was out for holidays :grinning:.

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My pleasure :slight_smile:

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I’m gonna sell a qx alu white frame 27.5 with disctab on the left.

I’ll get it out of the garage and post pictures within a few days.

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I’d be interested in the 27.5 quax frame depending on price and location as I’m UK :crossed_fingers:

This weekend I’ll be at home! I’ll check and answer to everyone who wrote me. I’m sorry for this delay