Spanish trial video

Here is an spanish video from 3th EMM ( Madrid mountain unicycle meeting) hope you enjoy :wink:

Nice! I liked the natural trials:)


The only gripe I have is all the prehops at 2:07-2:32 in the line before hopping up the ‘table’ should have been sped up.

i agree, try not to pre hop so much and get it down good and quick, but other then that well done!

Cool video, but that is the worst rendition of Born To Be Wild I think i’ve ever heard

Interesting locations. the boulders look fun. the park table/bench are stone? Its like bedrock city. The railing at the end looks like its there for a good reason… kinda high?!
the hoping over the gate and over the park table are impressive.
If you film the same people again, see if you can get them to roll more and hop less.
Good video… nice to see spain. Thanks for posting it.