Spam Prevention (was: ENLARGE...)

There are a couple things that can be done to prevent spam from going through
the unicycling list.

  1. Make a blacklist of e-mail addresses and servers that are known to send out
    spam. I think it can be implemented with procmail on the server that the
    unicycling list is hosted on. Here’s a site about blacklists:

  2. Bounce all mail without the mailing list address in the to: or cc: fields.
    I’m not sure if this can be easily done with the mailing list, but there are
    instruction for doing it for personal email at:

  3. Block certain phrases in the header or body of e-mails to not be sent to the
    list and be forwarded to the maintainer who can then repost any relevant
    posts that happened to get filtered out. That could be a bit annoying for
    that person though, and could be eliminated. This list is managed by a
    program (actually a perl script) called majordomo that can be edited to be
    able to do this. Here is a link to instructions on how it’s done:

I’ll contact Ken to see how we can implement any of these.

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