Spam I'd like to see

EARN $$$$ while UNICYCLING in the comfort of your own home!


YOU can earn up to $500 a day by doing nothing more than enjoying a ride on
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You buy nothing. You need no experience. We will teach you the secret method
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Write to us, and we will send out your starter package. We will provide a
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    "I was amazed at how easy and fun it is. I wish I would have thought of
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            - Nick Nananna, Columbus, Ohio

AND, if you act now, you will also receive our special BONUS package that will
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DON’T DELAY! This offer will not be available after December 31, 1999!
Nothing will!

Write now!. And send this email to ten friends. This secret is too good to keep
to yourself!

RE: Spam I’d like to see

Rick’s spam was great!

But not perfect. There is a secret formula for this type of advertisement, which
I’ve figured out by being curious enough to sometimes read them to the bottom
before deleting.

You have to have a lot more affidavits and reasons “why” you should do it
and how great it is, but a lot less detail on “what” it is you will
actually be doing.

The ratio is approximately 99:1.

And you mustn’t explain the details about the ferret . . .


Re: Spam I’d like to see

I’d join just for the free Ferrets! oh yeah, and the whole unicycling
thing, too!