Spacer problem

I installed my Qu’ax lightweight cranks onto my impact exceed hub with spacers but there is still a lot of room and the spacers move around freely. Do I really NEED spacers? If so, how do I fix this problem? I have tightened the crank bolts down as far as I can, and I don’t want to tighten more because I’m afraid I will strip or brake something.

So you either need no spacers or at least bigger ones.



Yes, you need spacers.

Are you sure that the cranks are on tight or is it that the bolts thread is not bottomed out? The QuAx lightweight cranks are very soft and normally will fit with any size spacer.

If it is the cranks and not the bolts, then you need bigger spacers.


I’m not sure. I put the spacers on the hub, put the cranks on the hub, thread the hub bolts through the cranks, and then tightened as much as I could. As I tried tightening more, the bolts started making a squeaking sound that made me nervous, and I still had another three or so milimeters for the cranks to reach the spacers. Am I doing something wrong?

I just tried tightening more and it won’t budge. I would need a machine to get it tighter.

Ok, your bolts are bottoming out. This needs dealing with as cranks will not be tightened down and they will come loose and ruin earlier.

You could deal with this by putting on 8mm spacers, but that would not give the right interface for the QuAx Cranks. I would suggest that you put in shorter bolts. Titanium is really hard to thread and they obviously don’t thread them as far as CrMO hubs.

How long are the bolts you are using? The bolts for ISIS vary from 16 to 27mm. You can always cut the ones you have or just put shorter ones in.


It says on UDC that they are M12 bolts. Not sure what that means. I thought M12 was the type of metal they were using. Anyway, I don’t have a measuring device or an Allen key on me right now so I can’t take it out to measure it. But the website has a picture of them. Why wouldn’t an 8mm spacer work?

M12 means that the thread is metric and 12mm diameter. M8 means 8mm diameter.

A ruler will measure the length of the bolt, you don’t need anything complicated.

I would certainly not ride the unicycle until this is fixed or you will need to replace the cranks within a few miles and possibly your hub when the bolt can not be removed.

Here are 2 examples of the M12 bolt:


I’ve already ridden a mile on it!! :frowning:

Well now I just feel stupid. Took it to an LBS and they realized I hadn’t torqued it down enough. I hadn’t bottomed out afterall! Thanks anyway, Roger!!! :slight_smile: