Spaced Out - Music

Well I got Spaced Out for Christmas and I love it thank you very much Jeff Groves and riders :smiley:
Like most things the music has grown on me and now I realy like it, I’ve been trying to look for a few songs to download off the net, I’ve searched AltaVista and Google and come up with nothing.
The songs im looking for are:
Strangers With Candy - Why
The Lizzies - Less Is More
Anything from Run On Conscience
And if you know where to get them Tim Moxam - Wandering Man & Track 14 - Bromacinfo

I’ve allready got Rhythym from Awol One - but does anyone know where I can get the above songs off the net? Or if you’ve got them can you send them to me or something. All help much appreicated.

I found a few songs by Strangers with Candy on Limewire, but not the song Why…

I’ll keep searching and let you know as soon as I find them.

Really glad to hear you like the music on Spaced Out.

Here is some interesting info regarding
Strangers with Candy…

That band is lead by no other than Jack Hughes,
The World Famous guy on Bedford Unicycles
He is a awesome freestyle, Trials and Mountain unicyclist amoung many other things.

Look under Bedford T-shirts - pictures 4, 5 & 6

Order a shirt today. Each sale helps Jack.

Take it easy,

Spaced Out is a new favorite dvd at the Coastline Brewery in Capitola, California (neighbor or Santa Cruz). The clientelle are mostly college students/surfers/skateboarders, so watching some talented unicyclists is considered “SICK”. Don’t worry, that’s a good thing.

Thanks Catboy

Have you thought abour ripping the music straight from the DVD? The audio would have all of the unicycle sounds, but if It’s not important wherther thats in the background or not, then there you go.

But I am pretty sure you wouldn’t want that, it would sound pretty weird…

yeah I’ve heard about this DVD ripping software. Can you just download it off the net or something? People who have used have you found it works well? Doesn’t stuff up the DVD does it.

But yeah still anybody know where I could get the songs off the net?

update on the band in Spaced Out

Hello everyone

All the artists in my video with the exception of AWOL One are friends of mine and don’t have record labels and haven’t put any music on the internet.

Bromacinfro – The song I used from them was recorded at a concert of theirs about a year ago. That was their last show – one the members now lives in Paris, another is going to school in Montreal, and I don’t know what happened to the other guy. I don’t have their recording any more so I have no idea where you might be able to find it. Some copies might be floating around in Toronto and if I can get my hands on any, and the band lets me, I’ll put on the internet somewhere and let any of you who are interested know.

Tim Moxam – Tim gave a CD of his music called Tim’s Christmas Special - it was just something he was giving to friends as presents one Christmas – it was a short CD with 4 songs on it (The Monkey Concepts, Wondering Man, Homeless Child, and I can’t remember the title of the other one). I haven’t heard for him in a long time, but next time I see him I’ll let him know that some people are interested in getting their hands on some of his music.

The Lizzies – All the members are living different cities right now but I’ll talk to one of them and see if they’ll let me give people there music.

Run-On Conscience – You will be pleased to hear to that ROC is coming out with an album in the next six months. Unfortunately it’s not going to be just beats. His friend Jacob is rhyming over them. But if any of you have ‘Soul Seek’ – which a p2p downloading program like Kazza or Limewire – a bunch of people on there have his beats – one user that has all of his tracks is ‘Bluntysnipes’ (it might be two words or have an underscore in there) I’ll make a post once his album is out.

Hope this is useful.


Thanks Jeff, yeah thats helpfull. And congratulations on an awesome movie :smiley:

In light of all the pointless topics that could have been solved through search and resurection I hereby resurrect this thread.

I was wondering if run-on conscience ever did put out that album? I googled them and all I could find was more links back to unicycling and other cycling websites.


Spaced Out? Anyone want to put a link so I can check it out?

Scroll down and look at the videos.


thanks for the link man.

Just Wondering…

Does anyone know what happened to that up-and-coming Run On Conscience album?