Spaced out movie-uni frames?

I was watching Spaced Out movie early this morning. And i forgot about the funicycle frames Ryan Atkins and Jeff Groves were riding. Does anyone have the low-down/background on where these frames came from? Were they massed produced and if so, who made them? Were they any good? Can someone (me) still get a hold of a frame like that?

I think they were custom made by Darren Bedford. I dont know if you could still get a frame like that but talk to Darren Bedford maybe he can make one for you.

I thought that they were custom made by someone ryan knew. There were only ever 4 produced and the only one I know of that is in working condition is the one on Jeff groves unicycle.

They are called the “x-wing fighter” frame… or at least thats what jeff called it! very cool frame! it was all aluminum and had replacable pegs on the top of the crown, which is a great idea.

Anyways fairly certain darren didn’t make them and that unless you convince jeff to sell his your probably not going to be able to find one!


I though someone told me that Darren made them, but you may be right. Just a question like that, does Jeff stills ride?

yes, I believe he still rides.
plus, this is the frame you speak of?

that would be it. In the movie, they are not black. Very cool frame.

This thread has some more info: