Sp4rky-M4rky, I'm calling you out! (one done)

so I’m calling out Sp4rky-M4rky
thats all there is to say, get out there and ride, make a video and make it good.

haha cool!

I cant wait to see what he backs it up with.

If you’re calling someone out, don’t put so many clips of yourself falling :roll_eyes:

i had to give him a chance…JK
those are the best clips I have of me falling, i had to include them!

I was going to say the same thing, lots of falling and rolling hops, albeit large ones. The Sparkster will destroy you. :slight_smile:

im glad to see people getting called out. i love it. good video man ill be checking back for what he responds with. make sure like when they both drop to make a thread in rsu and put in an anonymous poll so we see whats good. me and jasons aulds callout is coming…im scared a little. anyways, respect. see ya later.

Call outs are fun, awesome. Sparky will win. Poll is a good idea, everyone should remember that. I suggest not making 2 threads about this though, kind of annoying lol.

sparky will win as far as street goes, but I do big street, i don’t think he will sidehop an 11 set…

If I can find an 11 set I will try it although yours was into sand. I may have my vid finished tomorrow evening, it depends what the weather is like tomorrow and how much I can get filmed.

Since when is just gapping a set big street? Most of what you had in your video, sorry to say it, is badly performed trials and as for your ‘big street’ move, you didn’t even ride out of it. This sounds a bit harsh but come on…

I have filmed a few clips so far but I didnt have long before it was too dark. I am planning to ride into town with my trailer and my uni on it to film tomorrow morning. Looking at the forcast its ment to be showers all day (this is england) so I dont know how much I will get filmed.

Ride in the rain, its not that bad.

Pedals with no grip on my left pedal, bald tyre, and a frame I can’t get wet lawl. I’ll never ride in the wet.

what does this have anything to do with?

It would have something to do with:

I thought it was a good vid.:slight_smile: A coast would’ve been an awesome addition to it, though.

this is true, coasting is awesome.
thanks btw

I might go riding downtown tomorrow morning, if that happens, i will make a video of the ride.
it will be better than this video If I video the whole thing.

Im just about to leave to go filming, its pretty cloady but quite dryish so hopfuly I should get some filming done.

Maybe not for you, I need new pedals but I cant afford them yet because I have just bought another uni. My snafus when just slightly damp have almost no grip. On my forward foot the four fixed pins are completly worn down from pedal grabs and I also have removed the back outside pin for crankflips. When I ride in the rain I probably wont even land half the tricks I would normaly so I dont want to be crankfliping down stair sets with wet pedals.

Im not so sure Im going to go any more, I was just getting my bike out and its started pouring. This is the forcast for were I live, tuesdays looking ok so I may be able to film then if not now.

What length should my vid be? can it be any length? I have stuck just a few clips together that I have filmed between showers and it already comes to about a minute.