Southwest USA Muni weekend, March 2017

I made this post in the “News and Announcements” section, but I think there are some people who don’t check that section regularly, so I’m re-posting it here in the main section.

There is a Muni weekend being discussed over on a Facebook event page here:

At this point people are discussing dates and places, but it will be in March, and will be in the southwest US someplace, most likely Moab, Utah, or Sedona, Arizona.
If you are interested in this event, check out the event page and post your opinion/preferences.

I will update this thread as details become fixed.

Right now it looks like Moab is the contender.
It also looks like the weekend of the 17th to the 19th is favored, but the following weekend also has supporters.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Regardless of where it ends up, I love the name: SouthWest Muni Fest! Great rhyme, but people promoting the event and making T-shirts should make sure the word “unicycle” is in there somewhere so people understand what Muni means. :slight_smile:

And I’ll be there (wherever) if I’m able to get away!

Ditto. When I first got back into unicycling, I had no idea what muni meant, and it sort of drove me crazy until I figured it out. I still meet other unicyclists that don’t know what it means.

Dates for the event are March 17th to 19th

As the subject line says, the official dates of the muni weekend are March 17th to 19th, 2017.

Specific location to follow. Stay tuned!

Munifest location

Just FYI, the voting on location for this event is open until Dec. 11th. So now’s the time to have your say! (Right now Moab is in the lead.)
Cheers! :slight_smile:

Bradford, the last time Munifest was in Moab, about six of us rented an Expedition and drove over from Dallas. Split six ways it was pretty cheap for everyone.

I’ll throw in a vote for Sedona, since I missed it last time…

Well, if you want to vote, you need to go to the event page and vote.
Here’s what the poll looks like at the moment. Moab is currently ahead with 20 votes.

muni vote.JPG

Moab is the place!

Well, the votes are in, and Moab has come out on top.
So start making your plans now! This will be a great event! (Additional details will be posted as they become available.)

Note: This is not an “officially” sanctioned event, by any governing body, we all just show up. There are no official organizers, and all participants assume their own risk for any mishaps. And mishaps do happen! (I recall that someone sprained their ankle two years ago.) Moab has potentially dangerous trails, so people need to be aware of their own limitations, and take appropriate precautions! (Not trying to be a downer, but just sayin’.)

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Cool! I’ll give it some thought.

Good for Beginners?

I just started riding 5 or 6 months ago. Mostly paved paths but I’ve begun hitting the easiest MTB trails by my house over the past few weeks. I live in Albuquerque, NM and this sounds like a great way to go out and meet some fellow Uni folks. As somebody with little trial riding experience thus far and as somebody who still doesn’t own a muni, is this a recommended trip for me or should I wait for something later in '17? Let’s presume I am purchasing a new muni by end of February.

Everybody has their own level of experience and skill, so it’s really hard to tell someone else how they will handle a particular ride.
Personally, I probably have no business riding in Moab, because my riding skills are way below the trails’ demands. But I still go and enjoy myself, riding when I can and walking where I can’t. (It’s a great workout, either way.) I enjoy the great scenery on the trails, and I enjoy meeting and socializing with the other riders. And I enjoy watching their mad skills at work! (I also learn a lot thereby.)
So yeah, in my opinion, give it a shot. Nothing to lose except a few dollars for gas and the campground. (And it’s a pretty cheap vacation, too!)
Cheers! :slight_smile:

What Lance said. For Moab, it’s more a question of fitness than anything else, along with having the sense to not try things that are beyond your abilities. If there are any long one-way rides planned, such as Porcupine Rim, you might want to opt for an out-and-back from the end of the trail, since it’s a pretty long ride. Most of the “favorites” of the unicycling crowd are not so long, and you can alway hike out if needed.

And the scenery is pretty spectacular.

I hope I can make it, but that’s an unknown for now…

Are you guys planning to do this again? It was really fun last time. I am on the way. You could pick me up :slight_smile:

Well hello fellow NM rider. I live in Rio Rancho. If you would like a riding buddy, PM me. I would be glad to come with you. I also have extra 24" and 29" unicycles if you would like to try different sizes.

I have had a great time at the last couple of Moab trips. Meeting people really connects you to this hobby. I recommend that you go.

I haven’t talked to anyone but I’d certainly plan to pick you up if we do it. I’m not on Facebook a lot anymore so I haven’t been a part of any planning.