Southern Unicycle Conference

I think there should be a southern based unicycle conference. it would be really cool, and draw many unicyclists “out of the corners”. It would also be WAY more convenient and cheaper for the people living in the southern half of the US.

I personally don’t know enough about organising a conference to do it, and don’t know how it would work, but i was thinking one of the bigger unicycling clubs in the south central US (say, texas, Oklahoma, new mexico, Louisiana area) would be capable of this.

just an idea…

Oh, hey, I’m going to a Juggling convention in Austin next month, which has a lot of unicyclists. I think they have a trials competition, and I’m going to help with the trials workshop and stuff…

The idea is good, but your execution SUCs. Email the clubs in the area and discuss and what not to start. Austin Unicycle Club is probably the place to start.

that sounds cool!
but I probably won’t be able to go.
do you know of any during the summer?

p.s. can you give me more info on that because it would only cost like $100 for the trip there by bus both ways( i can def. afford that )

i figured I would start here.

any ideas on where to find the info on the clubs?

The Austin’s club website…

It is actually a juggling convention, but supposedly there’s a lot of unicycling too. I think the website of the convention is


lets to de brazilian carnival unicycling convention

austin club and jugglefest

that’s the juggle fest link. and

is the club website. works too without the ‘www’.

i’m not really involved in the activities at jugglefest this year, but i heard that there won’t be the same amount of trials stuff this year. there will be a coker race of some kind. i think 2 miles. and probably some other kind of games - we all seem to enjoy the timed weaving through cones (like barrel-racing) thing. what’s that called? it’s an official USA competition.

there is usually a separate gym only for unicycling.


That is last year’s schedule. I couldn’t find this year’s. I’m sure it will be posted soon.

I just talked to Duaner who is involved in organizing the jugglefest. I stand corrected. There will be just as much trials stuff this year. and I gather that
forrestunifreak will be performing in the public show.

sounds great!


If anything gets going PM me or something.

I know afew unicyclists here in Oklahoma who would be interested.

heres a link to our unicycle club. the sites not up, but it has an e-mail ink for you.


1971 The “Full Moon Unicyclists” - a sub-group of the club begin unicycling through the streets of Austin (clothing optional) on nights with a full moon

thats one awesome “fun fact” right there!!