southern oregon uni/muni riders

Hello all. First time post. Just stumbled across this site a few weeks ago, and have been lurking ever since. I just starting riding this past summer, and I was wondering if there were any other riders in Southern Oregon.


hey j.

This is erik. I asked you if you wanted to ride last summer in kennedy park in lenox. I moved to cali. Did you move to Oregon or was pittsfield just a temporary summer thing?

I hope you find someone to ride with. They are there, you just have to look a little. I went through that when i moved here.

I Hope I’ll see you at a Cal Muni weekend or something. Take care.

I’m in Corvallis, there are several muni riders in the Willamette Valley that I know of, I don’t know any in Southern Oregon, but, I would love to ride some of those awesome mtb trails around Ashland.

There’s a gaggle of riders in the Eugene area also. Some Coker, and some Muni and some heinz 57.

Thanks for the help guys. I hooked up with a small group that rides out of Coquille, but they mostly stay in the gym. It looks like my best bet is to get to Eugene and find some muni riders. There are plenty of places to ride around here, but I would like to find others to ride with.


I think you have the wrong guy. I just moved out here from PA.

Oops, my bad. The fellow i was going for had the AIM screenname ‘JDubsw’. I figured, how many people unicycle and have jdubs in their handle?

My apologies again. Take care.