Southern California Unicyclist

Hey I just got my torker dx from this place down in Mira Mesa called Action Cyclery. Dan is the unicyclist that works down there and hes a real cool guy.What I liked about the place is they actually have a little section where they keep unicycles and stuff in stock. They had like five unicycles, saddles, posts, tires and a few other things. So next time you brake a part give him a call, instead of giving it to a bike shop thats clueless. Heres the link, .

Dan is a very nice guy. Did you tell him I sent you down there? Dan only rides the two wheel uni’s unfortunately. I tried to get his son on mine to no avail. You may not like it, but he orders from udc–the company that you LOVE so much. So if udc doesn’t have it, Dan won’t have it either.

In response to the post I made?

Yeah I told me you sent me down. Whats a two wheel uni, are they stacked one on top of another or side by side? And even if doesn’t have in them in stock he told me he could still get from the Seattle supplier. He said the supplier has like 50 torker dx in stock .Anyway super nice guy and I plan on doing more buisness with him. Thanks for referring me to him.