Southern California UDC 36"

I don’t really ride since i picked up mountain biking. Asking $300 OBO. In good condition. 125mm cranks. It hauls. clocked myself with my cycle computer(not included) at 21.2 mph. Really don’t want to bother with shipping; I would much rather have someone just come pick it up. Not to ecstatic about letting it go. I had a lot of fun on it. I just don’t ride anymore. Not sure about how many miles it has on it because I bought it used but I have put over 200 on it.

It would be better to email me at I rarely go on this site anymore.

I’m interested. I live in the LA county area.

Btw, isn’t this the same brand uni Terry (Unigeezer) has?

I am not sure if this is the same brand as terry’s. Mine is not a coker brand. I believe it is UDC before they branched out with Nimbus products.

I believe his was a UDC radial…

Terry has a KH. He sold his old one, not sure what it was. BTW it seems he’s gone missing…:frowning:

he’s probably MUniing 24/7now

I think you mean 29/7*

John M

*See recent videos at

Still available if anyone is interested. I’d really like to get this sold quick.


I am interested but I live on the east coast. Would you be able to ship?


I don’t really want to deal with shipping. It is a pretty big item and I don’t know if it would be worth it to ship long distances.

bump. still available. I’d sell it for $250 +shipping. I really want a new speargun.