Southern California muni next weekend

I’m traveling to California from Iowa for a conference in Long Beach and am planning on spending the weekend before doing some muni if all goes well. Anyone interested in meeting up for a ride or have trail recommendations? I’ve been going though some of Terry’s many awesome videos and mtbproject and am looking at places like Cheesboro or palisades?

I’ve been doing muni a little over a year and normally ride a 29, but had been wanting to get a 24 for travel and to do more technical stuff. So, I have a Cragslist deal worked out to pick up a 24" nimbus on Saturday in Oxnard. If that works out, and it is rideable, I should be hitting the trails Saturday later in the afternoon (11/14) and all day Sunday. Or I’ll be looking for a bike shop… Planning to stay in Calabasas Saturday to be close to where most of the trails seem to be.

Thanks for the help!

PM sent.

Hey uniscott! Cheeseboro Canyon trail is fun and Sullivan Canyon in P. pal is also fun. Both are out & backs with Sullivan being about 9 mi. total and Cheeseboro about 14 if you go all the way to the end where it spills out at dead cow. Of the two, Cheeseboro has more technical sections, and Dead cow even more. When I ride dead cow trail solo, I usually park at the bottom and ride/hike up and ride back down. It’s a short trail of about 2 miles but pack a wallop. There many other trails in that area including Hummingbird and Chumash in Simi Valley. Both are fairly short but very technical in spots.

Thanks for the info Terry! The weekend is starting to come together.