Southeastern US trails good for MUni

I was wondering if there were any good trails for hosting a MUni weekend other than the typical MTB trails like Tsali or Clemson? I donno about the other people that live on this end of the country, but I can’t afford to fly out to California or Moab(round trip plane ticket is around $400). Having a MUni weekend out here would offer a change in enviroment from Moab and places like that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to come out and ride Moab, but the cash flow isn’t coming in like before college. If anyone knows of trails out here and/or might wanna help organize a ride, let me know. I think it would be great to have an event down south here. Plus, UDC is close and people could visit the showroom if desired.

southeast muni

I’m out of Huntsville, AL. I haven’t muni’d anywhere but around Monte Sano State Park (which is right out my back gate). Probably 50 miles worth of trails. A good mix of fairly non-technical and level trails on top of the mountain (basically a large mesa type of a “mountain”), and good technical routes anywhere going off the mountain. Anyhow I’d like to be apart of some southeast muni weekend or something. BTW, a few of us are going to Fort Yargo, GA this May to take part in a 12hr mtb race, entering as solo unicyclists. The race director is cool with uni’s so we’re going for it. Check out:


I used to live in the southeast and my brother still lives in the Asheville NC area. There are plenty of places to hold a muni event in western NC. I will pm you with contact info. I think it’s a great idea and high time we had a festival/event in the south.

Just and updated, there may be an event coming up down here around the beginning of May. Just to let ya’ll know. I’ll keep you updated.

I love the idea of a MUni Weekend or similar in the general area of Atlanta, or wherever works. Don’t know if I could make it, but it would be great for people who can. It doesn’t matter where you live, there are usually some good trails within an hour or two of you. Talk to the mountain bikers and search on the Web to see what’s around, then go try it out. Stick to legal trails though.

Yeah, there are a couple of good trails around the Atlanta area, but none long enough or exciting enough to host a weekend ride.

Southeast Muni Weekend May 4-6 2007

I’ve been talking with the event planners at the the Mountain Sport Festival here in Asheville

and they want to have a mountain unicycle component to their festival. I thought it would be a perfect time to host a Southeast Muni Weekend. There are excellent trails around the Asheville area; I’m working up the itinerary right now. The dates are May 4-6, 2007. Have a downhill ride on Friday and Sunday, with a morning ride/race, etc Saturday and a demo/trials comp/ etc that afternoon at the festival grounds (or whatever riders come up with). The trails I think would be great (which you should be able to look up on the net) are Kitsuma, Trace Ridge, Pilot Rock, Spencer Gap, Laurel Mtn…all in Pisgah National Forest, and all legal. I’m looking at getting the Campground at Bentcreek Experimental Forest for us to use. Input, suggestions, help are all encouraged and appreciated. For those of you who think the southeast is flat, check out Western North Carolina, it’s double awesome. I’ve been to Moab and California Muni Weekends and our mountains, though smaller and a lot older, offer world class Muni riding.

I’m in.

this would be perfect for me… because i live in ohio and that is like… smack dab in the middle of south eastern section of the u.s. and i also do not have the money for a flight out there

This is great! Good to see there are others who want a ride like this. Looks like I gotta really start practicing so I don’t look like a complete fool when I get there.

Man, I’ve been waiting for this thread to pick up and so here’s the roster; if anything solid does get laid out, it would be a good idea to contact riders within the region and even on the UniCom map.

I wish I could go. Unfortunately I’m already committed to a 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race (Don’t worry I’m doing it muni!) the same weekend in Fort Yargo, Georgia. Another guy from Atlanta is signed up with me and there may possible be a relay team of unicyclists as well. Too bad I didn’t know about this earlier! But definitely next time! Hope you all have a great time.

the Mountain Sport Festival sounds cool, I don’t have school that Friday so that would work out great and I can bring some other riders from around here.

any more info about unicycling becoming a part of it? sounds like fun.

Mtn Sport Fest/SE MUni Fest

I’ve been working with the Mtn. Sport Festival and they are going to host a unicycle trials demo Saturday afternoon, May 5th. That morning there will be a downhill MUni race on a trail called Kitsuma, in Black Mountain, just east of Asheville. I’ll have a website up soon with info, etc. This will be the first annual Muni fest here in the Southeast, Asheville is an ideal location. We’ll have group rides Friday and Sunday, (and thursday and monday for those who want to stay extra), with the competition/trials demo on Saturday. The Mtn. Sport festival is very excited to host a unicycle event; so it’s up to us to make it happen. Once I have the web page up I’ll post a link. Any questions, email me.
or post a reply.

I’ll see if there’s any interest from the Santa Barbara Muni Club to get down there. Always looking for new stuff to do.


hey uni red neck, do you think you could get udc to supply the riders with udc t-shirts for the festival?

check out

this sucks, i have to miss saturday, but i’ll try to make friday and sunday.

Southeast MUni Fest, website up

Check out the web page