Southeast Michigan?

Hey there, I have never seen anyone around here ride a uni, except for my brother and a friend I taught.
I was wondering if there was anyone in Southeast Michigan to ride with? Trails or freestyle.


I live in Southeast Michigan!! I live in Adrian, if you know where that’s at. I’m the best trials rider in SE Mi (maybe even in the whole state)…But I don’t ride trails or freestyle, except for the basics.

Let me know if you want to ride. There’s a guy who’s ten and is somewhat of a beginner four doors down from me


Oh, and I love literature too!

There are a lot of unicyclist in Southeast Michigan. Redford Township Unicycle Club, althouth 60 miles from Adrian has about 50 riding members and some even ride Muni and Trials as well as play basketball and hockey and ride freestyle. We also do parades all over Southeast Michigan. Many of us will be in Bowling Green in July for NAUCC.

Mike, where in Michigan are you?

If there is still a Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade, and it’s still on TV, there’s a good chance you can see some unicyclists in that as well. Does that count? Same riders as mentioned above.

Before Redford there was the Pontiac Unicyclists, starting around 1969. They hosted the first USA National Unicycle Meet, in 1973.

Check out my ‘Things not to do’ page for more (old) pictures of SE Michigan riders. See #2, 4, 14, 20:

I’m north or Detroit in Marine City. To far from Redford and Adrian to go regularly.

I agree, it is a long drive from Marine City. I do know a family that rides in New Baltimore and we have some riders from Roseville and Grosse Pointe. Come to NAUCC in Ohio in July, even if you can only come for the day, and you can meet lots of unicyclists. Sunday is MUni day, look for the details at

There is also a Fun Meet in Ohio on June 4th, lots of us from Michigan will be there, join us then.
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