Southampton Unicycle Hockey Tournament & Freestyle Workshops, Sunday 11th May, 2008

Southampton Penguins Unicyclists are hosting a tournament and freestyle workshops!

We have one hall so can accommodate 8 hockey teams, we also have a smaller hall where Connie Cotter will be running freestyle workshops [schedule to follow]. We will also run kids hockey games in this hall if there are enough kids there.
As host team Southampton are looking to enter 2 teams themselves, so unless this is deemed unsuitable there will be 6 places available, please let us know your thoughts.

Any UK teams welcome, on a first come first served basis, please email annaats (at) to reserve your place.

Anyone can come to take part in the freestyle workshops, all skills, all ages. Hockey players will also be able to take part when they are not playing matches. If you are inetersted in freestyle only, please email annaats (at) to let us know how many people to expect, if you also add what you’re inetersted in learning that will help with the schedule.

Sunday 11th May 2008
12pm till 6pm

Cantell Maths and Computing College
Violet Road
SO16 3GJ

How Much?
Hockey (includes freestyle workshops)
£6 per adult
£4 per child under 12 yrs old

Freestyle Only
£5 per adult
£4 per child under 12 yrs old

Payment to be made in cash on the day - but please don’t take this as an excuse not to turn up on the day, let us know if you cannot make it so that we can let another team come instead & please give as much warning as possible.

There is nothing more than vending machines on site, however there is a garage down the road if you need re-fueling.
We will arrange a meal at a restaurant/pizza place or similar a short distance away.

Any questions post here or email annaats (at)

is this a league tournament?


Well, if teams are allowed to run 2 league tournaments within the same year, then yes, and if they are not supposed to, then no I guess. Does anyone know the rules of this? I couldn’t find anything about it.

bump! half the places left now!

Who’s on the list? Just so we know our entries were received :slight_smile:

The rest of the rules, results and the league table can be found here…


This is true but there has been some talk of relaxing it a little (max 2 maybe?) as it has been difficult for some teams to set up a tournament in this first league year and this “BUC to BUC year” is longer than was expected when that was decided. I would say that a team that hadn’t hosted a tournament should get first choice over a date though if there was a conflict.

Regarding more than one local team in a tournament here are my thoughts on the matter: If there were more than 1 local team that wanted to enter (in this case Southampton) and it was to be a league tournament all the other places should be filled with non-local teams first then if there are places left they could be filled with another local team or/and scratch team. If then someone organised a tournament and entered more than one local team at the expense of non-local teams this wouldn’t really be fair if it was a league tournament so shouldn’t be counted as one.

It’d be nice to see what others think about these issues and to come to some fair consensus about them to put forward.

CAn S’ton enter one team as a league team and one as non league?
Technically Calstcok were non league at teh JAn SWUM tourny as they included a SWUM player and don’t expect to make other tournaments.

S’ton last hosted a tourny in Oct 2007, this is 2008… also the 2006/07 league year ran to april IIRC so if the same were true this year May would be a new year.

Not that it matters much i thought that the rules say the year runs BUC to BUC which this year is going to be a little on the strange side as we have a “long” year.

I’m sure Jonny will be along soon :slight_smile:

Hmm, Calstock were given league points and are in the league table.

so this is a league tournamnet yehhh!
xx woo hockey xx

Strictly speaking the rules say only one league tournament per team per year. The reason for this is to try and spread the tournaments around the country to avoid favouring a particular team or teams (as happened in the old league where most of the tournaments took place in or around London).

If the consensus is that having 2 league tournaments per team per year is OK (particularly as this is a very long year :roll_eyes: ) then I see no problem.

Please have a look at and read the rules at the bottom of the page. I plan to have a proper discussion of the rules at BUC to get to a set that everyone is happy with for next season.


yeh have it as a league tournament, theres loads up north aswell xxx

Thanks for the responses, it would be good to have it as a league tournament. Just a thought, rather than each team being able to host one league tournament a year, perhaps we could divide up the UK into areas, such as ‘South’ ‘South West’ ‘South East’ etc and have each area able to host 2 tournaments a year, as I dont think that many teams overlap and that way if every area can host something then it will be nicely spread out across the country?

Back to topic now…

Teams Registered:

Soton Penguins A
Soton Penguins B (non league)

If we don’t get enough full teams registered we will consider scratch teams or B teams, and don’t feel you need to limit the number of people you bring for your team as there will be a spare hall and freestyle workshops to keep everyone occupied.

Any questions, just ask!

thats looking pretty bladdy high standard, jesus fancy holding a B tournament aswell ha ha come on hackney get the youngsters along they enjoyed it last time, maybe try and get in touch with Hackney because im not sure there on this forum


Does anyone know how to contact hackney or horsham? they might be interested but if they don’t know it’s on then it’s a bit unfair! if youve got contact details for them please either let them know, or email their details to me, add above.

2 places left

I forwarded the original e-mail to Horsham at the same time as telling the rest of Lunis, although I didn’t get a response.

Normally a Lunis player tells Hackney, I’ll check if anyone remembered (I don’t have their contact details).

I told one of the hackney lads, but whether that will get the details to the main blokes i dont know.


Are we in (severn w)? Pete said he had requested a place. We will be there as we haven’t missed one yet!

Hiya, sorry for missing you off the list, and thanks for reminding me, yes the Severn Wheelers have reserved a place.

To re-cap

Soton A
Severn Wheelers
Soton B

which means… one place left!