Southampton (UK) Hockey tournament 29th September

Southampton Penguins Unicycle Hockey team will be holding a hockey tournament on 29th September.

It is primarily for organised teams but depending on entry numbers we may look at opening it up to scratch teams at a later date.

We can accommodate 6-8 teams and the tournament and will run from 12.30pm – 6.30/7.30pm. We would appreciate it if you could arrive by 12 noon though to ensure a prompt start.

The tournament should be part of the British Unicycle Hockey league.

The event will be held at:
Itchen College Sports Centre.
Itchen College.
Middle Road.
SO19 7TB

(I will do some detailed directions at a later date)

There is lots of car park space, a ‘social’ area (with a bar!) and a decent sports hall with a viewing gallery.

The event is indoors so could could everyone make sure they use plastic pedals only please.

The cost per team will be 30 pounds regardless of number of players and is to be paid on the day.

To register your team please send an email to

Please use this thread to discuss the tournament and ask any questions. I will try my best to answer questions and confirm registrations as promptly as possible.

Thanks, hope to see lots of you there

Dan Kelly

Sounds good i want to come, i take it this is part of the league?
by the way i have just given a very keen unicyclists your details, hes from southampton and was a county basketball player and keen on playing hockey so hopefully that will help you out.

Awesome! I’ll pass this onto the rest of the Cambridge guys, we’ll bring a team down.


Equally I would expect Lunis to have a team.


… as its filling up sharpishly - can you pencil in an EMU team as well

See you there


Pretty sure we’ll have a team from Bristol. We are meeting wednesday so I’ll get our skipper to confirm then. Pencil us in, though.

Lucas, should be space for you again if you are interested, depends on numbers.

filling up nicely, excelent.

Confirmed entries :

‘Penciled in’:
Please let me know if situation changes

3 places left!!!

Yes it will be, as long as this is ok with everyone.

excelent, cheers.

Ooh, its filling up. I’ll make sure we get a full team together. I’ve sent an email to confirm.

Better do some drills at training tomorrow:D

Pencil in a SWUM team if you can. its close enough I think we can do it this time.

woo hoo lets do it, ill take some one down theres also an open day at reading university so ill look round thta in the morning and then try an find this place

Right the EMU’s can be inked in as definites rather than our earlier penciled status - bring on the Hockey! although we may be slightly rusty as out usual pitch is still out of comission after the floods and the council don’t seem to have a sense of urgency to get it sorted

too late to pencil in tholthorpe??

im on holiday at the moment in sunny lanzarote so i cant check too see who is availabel, but we have some youngsters cumin up so if we are short it would be good for one or two of them to have a game.

so as i said we are a mayb…


time for an updated list


  • Lunis
  • Southampton Penguins
  • Cambridge
  • EMU’s
  • Severn Wheelers

‘Penciled in’

  • SWUM
  • Tholthorpe

Could ‘penciled in’ teams get back to me as soon as they know whether they can definitley make it please.

1 place left!

To teams wishing to enter - even if the tournament looks full up please send me an email. I will create a reserve list of teams, again on a first come first served basis.

ok so about a month to go and time to get teams finalised really

SWUM, Tholthorpe are you definites or still maybes?

At the moment theres at least one place left - Luni’s B?, Horsham? - I dont know if they know about it. If anyone knows them could they let them know please.

Anyone else?


updated list:


  • Lunis
  • Southampton Penguins
  • Cambridge
  • EMU’s
  • Severn Wheelers
  • Tholthorpe

‘Penciled in’

  • SWUM

Still one place left, really want to fill it soon.



Many thanks who ever past on our details re the Southampton hockey tournament, for some reason we didnt know its was being arranged but have emailed Dan to hopefully take the last place.

I have now signed up to the forum so hopefully we will not miss out on other matches.


Yes you have the place. Which means the tournament is now full as long as SWUM are definitley coming?

Will get some more info online in the next week or so hopefully.


Swum are definetly coming
woo hoo

Deadly Team of
Secret Weapon

Any chance of those promised directions or more info. One of our younger players needs to get her parents clued up about where and what and when.